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Top 5 TOEFL Writing Mistakes: Do Not Do the Same

Mistakes in Paper

If your native language is not English, but you want to enter a USA high school or another educational institution, you will have to prove your level by taking a Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL. Many students find the writing part being the most challenging. Let us review the five most frequently made TOEFL writing mistakes so you can get the highest score and enter the cross the threshold of the university of your dreams.

Cool Ideas for Your Essay on Religion and Morality


I cannot write about this without sounding controversial. This must be the first thought that comes to your mind when you get an assignment like an essay on religion, morality, ethics or any other super complicated aspect of human life. Perhaps, this is the second thought. The first one must be: why did I enter the university in the first place? There are certain topics that are perceived as a taboo when it comes to small talk at parties, presentations, and any fancy social gatherings.

Websites for Better Writing

Apps on Device

Written text is considered to be one of the most difficult and complicated means of communication between people. During school or college, you need to write a big number of various essays, reports, or a coursework. It is a hard task indeed, especially for beginners. What is more, when you can’t stand writing and suffer during a whole procedure you get stressed and frustrated.

An Essential Part of a Thesis: Interviewing People


Whether you`re an introvert or an extrovert, this task will be challenging for both representatives of personality types. Because for the first kind, talking to people is far from being a favorite hobby and for the second type, an ability to shut up and listen can be rather hard as well. Besides, you need to find the exact time when you need to stop talking and start listening.

Can You Use Slang in Academic Writing?


Just chill, dude, because you`re about to dive your head into a lit and sick article on slang and its usage in your essays, academic papers, and whatever you write at that university of yours. If you`ve tried and failed because your professor wasn`t really open to your youthful suggestions, then there is a chance that you`ve done something wrong.

Positive Stress Boosts Student’s Productivity

Positive Stress

Picture this: you`re on a subway, jammed in a crowd of dozens of people (however, it seems that there are millions of them in one train), balancing on one leg with zero opportunity to keep your well-deserved morning coffee from spilling on your fellow passengers. How would you estimate the level of stress which may be caused by this situation?

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