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Immediately Money Back is one of the high standard companies that provide academic assistance nowadays. Our main goal is to satisfy our clients with our work. We have 5-year experience on the market of academic assistance and we reach new heights with every assignment completed by our writers.

There is always a possibility for our clients to open a dispute and request to receive their money back if something is not correct with the order. Please be informed about the cases and stages of the money back process. More detailed information is given below. 

Our company has a customer satisfaction rate of 95.8%, however, the cases of some misunderstandings and difficulties during the cooperation process are possible. Still, our company does its best in order to raise the percent of customer satisfaction with every new order.

As soon as you put your order on the dispute, it is reviewed by our Dispute Department. It usually takes from 7 to 10 days to consider and analyze the issue and offer the most suitable suggestions. Please note that every case is different and is reviewed by our Dispute Department Manager according to its features. That is why the deadline for finding a solution can be different and depends on the communication between us during the dispute process. It is very important that you stay in touch with our manager and assist us in proceeding with the process. Your cooperation is always highly appreciated.

Please check on the specific cases when we can refund your money:

  • Payment for the single order is made twice. If this happens, you should inform our support team about it, so that we refunded you the accidental payment. Our support team representatives will check this information in our system. If they confirm the double payment, the unwanted sum will be paid back to you instantly. The same solution is provided if two identical orders are placed by the customer.
  • There is no writer to complete an assignment. We are doing our best to give the order to the most proficient and suitable writer. Unfortunately, sometimes there may be some cases when the writer is not found due to the complexity of the instructions or time frames. If this happens, we will inform you about the issue immediately and provide you with the full refund of your payment. Our support team will generate a discount for your future orders. If there is no writer to complete a revision, you can apply to the Dispute Department and request to discuss the amount of the possible refund. Kindly, consider that each case and order is different and each of them is reviewed according to its specific aspects.
  • The order is delivered after the deadline. There is a guarantee that your order will be delivered on time. However, it may be possible that the deadline expires while we are waiting for the additional materials, which you have to send to us in order to complete the assignment. Please note that we start working on the order as soon as we receive all the information about it (including additional attachments, files, clarifications). It is very important to submit them on time to avoid any possible delays in your paper. If the deadline expires because of this reason, the refund will not be issued. The customer is responsible to provide all the necessary information to us on time. There are some cases when we offer refund for the late delivery:
  • - If you set 3-hour deadline and your completed paper is delivered to you after this time is up, we will recalculate your price as for 8 hours and will pay back the difference to the customer.
  • - If your deadline is 7 days and there is some delay in the order, you will be able to receive the partial refund of maximum 10% of the total price.

Please take into your consideration that in both cases the refund can be issued upon the client’s request.

There are some cases when we ask our customers for the deadline extension because of the complexity of the paper. Our support team informs you about the issue immediately. If you agree to provide us with the extension, you will not be able to base your refund request on the reason of the delay later.

You can request any refunds during first 10 days after you receive your order. Later requests will not be reviewed.

  • The revision is delivered late. If this situation happens, you are welcome to open a dispute. Please note that in the case of dispute it will be possible to request the revision of the order. You should specify your request and our Dispute Manager will review your case. You can be offered a partial refund up to 15% of the total price. Each case is unique and is reviewed according to the situation and its features.
  • You are not satisfied with the quality of the paper. Our company does its best in order to satisfy each returned and each new client. However, there may be customers, who are not satisfied with the quality of their papers. In this case, you have to send the request to the dispute department and specify what is the reason for the complaint. Our Dispute Manager will review your case and if you are eligible for getting any possible refund mentioned, you will receive an email confirmation. Please consider that the case cannot be resolved immediately; usually it takes about 7-10 days. 

Please check on more cases when the refund is available:

  • You would like to cancel the order. Kindly, check on the possible types of refunds below;
  • If the writer has not been assigned yet, you will receive 100% refund;
  • If the writer has been already assigned and half of the time before the set deadline has not passed yet, up to 70% of the total cost of your order will be issued;
  • If the writer has been already assigned and more than half of the time for the set deadline has passed, you will be provided with the refund of only up to 30%.
  • If you decide to cancel the order but the paper has been already completed and forwarded to you, you are not eligible for getting any refunds.
  • The assignment has been delivered but you want a refund. In this case, you are eligible to open a dispute on your order within the first 10 days after you have the paper completed. Our dispute manager will review your case and come up with the solution. Please update your personal page with every change in order to prevent all possible misunderstandings. You are welcome to contact our support team 24/7 in order to find out more about your order progress.
  • My paper is plagiarized. We carefully check each assignment on plagiarism with our own detection system, which shows the results almost as accurately as Turnitin detector. Please note that if you claim on plagiarism, you should provide us with the report either from Turnitin or your university. Only these reports can be accepted by our company in order to prove that your paper has some parts plagiarized.

Here is an important notification for you: when you check your paper on it automatically copies all the content of the assignment to its database, so if the work is checked on for the second time, it will show a high similarity index. Do not use Turnitin by yourself! Let your professor use it.

You would like to get a refund for the additional services. Please take into your consideration that our additional options, such as writer`s sample, editor`s service, TOP writer. etc., are nonrefundable. However, you can request a refund for changing the writer’s category when the writer has not been assigned yet; otherwise the refund is not available as well. Please pay attention to this point while placing an order.

For your personal convenience our support team is available 24/7. Do not hesitate to contact us, and our friendly team of professionals will assist you in any case with the best offered solution. If you need to contact our dispute department, please write to

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