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Positive Stress Boosts Student’s Productivity

Positive Stress

Picture this: you`re on a subway, jammed in a crowd of dozens of people (however, it seems that there are millions of them in one train), balancing on one leg with zero opportunity to keep your well-deserved morning coffee from spilling on your fellow passengers. How would you estimate the level of stress which may be caused by this situation?

Some of extra sensitive people on the other side of the screen already feel totally stressed out just after imagining this. We are truly sorry but it was the only way to get you prepared for the information that is about to crush you in three, two, one.

Being stressed out is good! No, it`s not the news broadcast from a parallel universe, this is an official scientific report. What is more, putting yourself in uncomfortable conditions has become a viral trend. So, perhaps you`ll consider putting it into practice after reading this article. The main idea is that physical and emotional discomfort can boost your productivity because this state expands the capacities of your brain. It improves your stamina, will, and even intellect.

Extreme conditions make you get out of the comfort zone and prepare the body for all possible challenges. There is no need to book tickets to Antarctica or Mars though (by the way, you can, in fact, book a trip to Mars, so you`d better stay updated because we may provide you with this article very soon).

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The Idea Isn`t Brand New

The very first person to offer inclusion of stress into our daily routine as a positive factor was Hans Selye, a Canadian endocrinologist who published the details of his research in the book “Stress without Distress”. It was the year of 1974 when this information became a widely spoken topic of many newspapers. The author stated that not every type of stress is harmful. There are those which provide the body with a flow of inspiration and even improve our physical and mental state.

Unfortunately, there is no way that the near-to-death condition that you experience every time you need to pass mid-term exams can be called a positive experience for the mind and soul. Stress which is caused by illness, failure, breakup, or abuse has a rather negative impact on your overall wellbeing. However, when you`ve finished a very complicated, yet creative project, then this kind of stress is definitely beneficial. It`s just like the feeling when you submit all essays and academic papers and go on a spring break.

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The Guy to Look up To

Successful and wealthy people have already cracked that code of productivity which is connected to positive stress. Meet Zachary Rapp, the man who works 18(!) hours per day and claims that he`s feeling just fine. This guy runs three biotechnology startups and, well, he actually runs every morning.

Zachary wakes up very early, has his cup of strong black coffee while checking e-mails, and gets an energy recharge with the help of an ice-cold shower. What is more, he is practicing hot yoga and is sticking to a super strict diet which forbids him from eating beans, sugar, dairy products. And of course, there is no alcohol.

I don`t know what kind of person wouldn`t drink a glass a whiskey every hour because of this schedule. This Mr. Rapp can actually receive a title of a superhuman. And he`s not the only one. Many high-profile professionals from Silicon Valley have joined the challenge. It all started with one Wim Hof`s lecture.

The Man Who Can Sleep Naked in the Snow

Wim Hof, the Iceman

So, who is Wim Hof and how come he has become such an influencer? He is a Dutchman who is often referred to as “The Iceman”. He has come up with a method which allows a human body to stay resistant to very cold temperatures.

You must have seen those videos which went viral all over the Internet. He is the man who was swimming in a half-frozen lake like he was just chilling in a hot tub. These are some truly remarkable skills. While some of us start coughing and sneezing the morning after we stick a finger into the snow, Wim Hof can lay covered in ice for hours and still be as healthy as it`s humanly (or superhumanly) possible.

After the Iceman has lectured the Silicon Valley bosses on how to put yourself into positive stress with the help of cold water, the trend has become widely popular and now has turned into a lifestyle, philosophy, everyday routine, all possible variations. Mr. Hof claims that this is a great method of self-control which helps to get to know your body better and teaches how to resist negative stress.

Before you do anything stupid, for Heaven`s sake, just consult your doctor. All that cold and extreme therapy may sound like a great idea, but you never know whether it can pose a threat to your body. Take care!

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