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How Students Can Unlock Their Creative Genius

Essay on creativity


Humans have the unique ability to create the improbable, to seek out originality for its own sake, to derive elegant solutions from complex problems, and to even find new problems where none were thought to exist. Creativity is at the heart of that matter. It is both a foundation and the pinnacle of human evolution because making progress towards solving a difficult issue requires that we take a new perspective.

How to Prepare for Exams Like a Pro

Student preparing for exams


It is getting colder outside, and any student knows what it means: it is coming up on finals! It also means long nights of studying, stress, and probably some nightmares. How to avoid all of that? Be prepared and enter the exam room like a King or Queen. Finals are all about getting the best grade possible. The team of experts from has already gone through this.

9 Ways to Be a Productive Writer

Productive writer


Even though the creative process is quite chaotic, it is never too bad to have some system. At least, most of the great authors had it for sure. Still, don't think our professional online writers try to suppress your individuality. No, they want to give you 9 tips about being a productive writer. The way of how to use these life hacks is yours.

5 Reasons Why Online Courses Are More Effective Than Your Lectures

Online Course


Online education is one of the greatest benefits the almighty Internet provides to its grateful users. The world’s most reputable universities, most successful experts in various areas, and most ambitious students have already joined the global cyber-campaign for affordable (or even free) and accessible distant learning. So, your dream to study at Harvard or Cambridge is not impossible anymore.

How to Write an Epic Graduation Speech

Student delivering a graduation speech


We would like to take a guess. If you are reading this article, about a few weeks ago, your college professor probably called you down to his office, congratulated and then assigned you the hardest homework assignment of your college or high school career – graduation speech. Your first instinct, like any other student, was to consult Google and YouTube.

10 Storytelling Tips: How to Write an Impressive Speech or Book

Storytelling tips


 To be able to create a good speech or book, you may study ways and techniques to influence people's minds through rhetoric for long or to learn the art of storytelling once. The storytelling skill is what people have been learning throughout thousands of years, but it became a separate niche only in recent times. Storytelling is a skill useful for anyone influencing people with spoken or written words.

How to Succeed in Life without a University Degree?

Career without a University Degree


Since our childhood, we have heard from our nearest and dearest about the importance of high education for a happy life and a successful career as its essential constituent. The majority still think that if they have a prestigious diploma at Harvard University, their life will be a bed of roses. Does a university degree guarantee easy circumstances?

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