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How to Write a Research Proposal? Structural Tips and Practical Advice

Research proposal definition


On the web, you can find hundreds of templates for thesis, dissertations, and research papers. For better or for worse, there is no “one size fits it all” for a research proposal. It all depends on the purpose of your writing, the set of rules of a specific institution, and the standards of formatting. Fortunately, professional authors from have helped thousands of students in this regard. Now, it is time to help you.

English Idioms for A+ Essays

English idioms


So, English idioms. Can you think of some examples? “The early bird gets the worm!” “Bite your tongue!” Do they “drive you crazy?” Keep calm and take a deep breath. Professional writers from are walking encyclopedias, they know all idioms inside out. Give us a couple of minutes to explain to you everything.

10 Habits of Successful Students

Successful students


Have you ever wondered how to be a successful college student? Well, according to Canadian researchers and TEDx speaker (Global Chairman of Elevate Education), it has nothing to do with IQ (which is not the best predictor of scores). The right habits are an answer that you are searching for. Moreover, it does not take a lot of effort to form a habit.

Recommendations on Part Time Job for College Students

Student part time job


Before we start, you should remember one thing. Getting a part time job to pay student loans will provide you with slightly more money to invest in yourself. But that’s not all. A part time employment for college students is an excellent line to fill in their CVs. Top writers decided to give you some recommendations on getting a part time job.

How to Write Faster

Writer writes faster


Writing is a skill everyone can master. Of course, not every person is a writer. But many people have to deal with writing texts due to some reason. Those who face the need to create a text (an article, a report, a commercial post, a story, etc.) for the first time will tell it is a time-taking activity for sure.

How Students Can Unlock Their Creative Genius

Essay on creativity


Humans have the unique ability to create the improbable, to seek out originality for its own sake, to derive elegant solutions from complex problems, and to even find new problems where none were thought to exist. Creativity is at the heart of that matter. It is both a foundation and the pinnacle of human evolution because making progress towards solving a difficult issue requires that we take a new perspective.

How to Prepare for Exams Like a Pro

Student preparing for exams


It is getting colder outside, and any student knows what it means: it is coming up on finals! It also means long nights of studying, stress, and probably some nightmares. How to avoid all of that? Be prepared and enter the exam room like a King or Queen. Finals are all about getting the best grade possible. The team of experts from has already gone through this.

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