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What Profession Should I Choose? Tips from Writers for Future Students

 We don’t know if the following text would help exactly you, because choosing a career is impossible without discussing one’s calling. Nevertheless, authors tried to share their experience and some philosophic thoughts on the topic. We sincerely hope this article will be useful.


Choose a profession


How to Choose a Profession: Calling

What is hidden behind that "high" word of "calling"? In the field of professional choice, calling is one's wish. It doesn't mean getting a prestigious and well-paid job. When speaking of choosing a profession, both students and adults mean finding something you like to do.

At a famous Harvard University, they had been researching a large group of graduates for several years. All of those former students achieved their life goals. But here is the point: only 15% of them reached everything because of their talent or abilities, while the rest 85% (!) made it through the will and hard work.

Your goal can become real only when you want to reach it very much.

Have you ever thought about great people and the way they chose a profession? Throughout history, all the famous professionals were doing only things they liked the most. Great people had a lot of problems and difficulties but worked with pleasure. Why?

Because they did what they wanted to. It is impossible to achieve significant successes if you work only for money or prestige.

You may argue. “I am not one of those great people!”

And you have the choice to take an example from them.

It is your call.

Choose a Profession: Calling versus Money

Fine. We have found out calling matters when you think about which profession to choose. What about money? Shouldn’t you pay attention to it when you look for the field to use your talent?

All the great people (no exceptions!) were involved in their careers and satisfied with them. They loved the process, not the result. Some of them earned huge money. Others did not. But all of them were happy.

When choosing a career according to the highest material rewards (salary), you most probably won’t become someone outstanding.

Don't let your thoughts cheat you: we respect money. Everyone knows it opens strong possibilities. Authors of this article understand that modern human needs money. Still, one shouldn't forget that money is a good servant but a bad master.

What Profession Should I Choose: Methods

The method to choose a career we would like to offer consists of three steps. They may be simple or complicated, depending on your personality and character features. But after you make them, you'll definitely feel it easier to choose your profession. 

Step 1: What Do You Like to Do the Most? 

An important note: do not look for a business to bring you high incomes in the future. Do not also try to find an easy job. Look for something you like that makes your life interesting.

And what to do if, for instance, you like playing video games?

A decade or two ago, everyone would tell you gaming is not a profession. Nowadays, professional gaming is a rapidly developing industry that can also bring big money.

Still, when choosing that profession, you should know professional gaming has very few things in common with your regular entertainment. It is a sport. Can you imagine yourself playing the same game daily for years?

If no, there is the other option. To let people play games, someone had to create them. Video game development is also a career you can choose. A modern world can offer many alternative ways to reach the same goal.

It is critical for you to know yourself and to think about which one of your passions or hobbies might become a profession.

Do you like communicating with people? Excellent! Then, your future profession may have something in common with communication. A psychologist, for instance.

The other choice here is journalism. But in this case, you should like writing texts, because even TV or radio journalists have to deal with writing frequently.

Do you like management and organizing things? There are many professions directly connected with that. Think of a producer’s career, for example.

Do whatever you think is right, and never be afraid of your wishes.

Step 2: Check Your Profession with Laziness and Boredom

The next stage is probably the main one. The thing is, you should set more complexed creative goals.

What does it mean?

Let’s suppose you like drawing. Fine. You draw whatever you want. Now, make your life a bit more complicated. Try to draw something you never did before: a portrait, a landscape, etc.

Do you like physics? Great! Then you probably solve the tasks of your school level quickly. Try to solve more difficult ones.

In case the business you like is your calling and future profession, more complicated tasks will only increase your interest. They may be challenging to deal with. Sometimes, you even would want to give up. The wish will win.

What to do if it won’t?

Then, you never had that wish.

Calling, along with the choice of a suitable profession, does not cancel the need to work. It only makes you WANT to go in for work and explore new things in your field.

Laziness and boredom will never bother you when you realize your talents. If you feel lazy frequently during your work, it is time to look for new wishes and to check them with new creative tasks.

When you try to choose a profession, there is nothing wrong if you refuse one business to start another one.

Step 3: How to Choose a Profession When You Like Some of Them at Once?

Here is the time to make your decision.

One of our writers dreamt of becoming a skilled writer. But he also was a good soccer player. At the age of 15, coaches even invited him to join the professional soccer club.

The moment of choice came. It was impossible to go in for writing and to play football as a pro at the same time.

He chose writing. Why? Because now he can play soccer as an amateur. He decided it would be enough for him. So, he has soccer as a hobby and writing as a profession.  


Profession to choose


Are You Ready to Choose a Profession? Quiz of 7 Questions to Answer

When it seems that you have found your future profession to choose, there are seven questions Nick Vujicic recommends to answer. Try to do that honestly.

  • What excites you?
  • What makes you meet every day with pleasure?
  • What are you ready to do for free, just to stay involved in the process?
  • What never makes you tired?
  • Is there something you could give all your money for?
  • What is the business you would sacrifice any comfort to be able to do it?
  • Which achievements bring you the most satisfaction?

Have you got answers for those seven questions?

Great! Then, you are ready to choose your profession.  

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