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How to Write a Book

Writer in the Forest

It seems that only someone very special can write a book. How do people do this? Of course, in order to write your first work, you need a lot of knowledge, outstanding imagination, willpower, diligence, and, undoubtedly, the ability to express your thoughts on paper. If you have all these, it is time to release a bestseller. Therefore, we will give you some tips to help in the writing of your first book.

Top 10 Cars for a Postgraduate

Man at the Car Parking

The university is behind, it is possible to forget about lectures and course papers – it is time to start a new stage of your life. The next level after being a student is a postgraduate stage, young specialist so to say. What car can one afford just after the start of his/her career? It is unlikely to be an expensive sedan or a sports car with eight cylinders. In addition to the purchase, one should think about the maintenance of the vehicle.

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