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A Roommate Who Is a Player: Can Be Uncomfortable at Times


“You know I love the players and you love the game”. Well, as Taylor Swift noted in “Blank Space” song, she does love players. However, I bet if she had to be roommates with one, the song would be different. No matter how much we love our roommates with whom we live in the college dorm, they still never fail to annoy us from time to time. It can be either a snoring or a too talkative nature, there is always something.

Privatization: A Life Vest or a Disaster?


Privatization is a truly polarizing issue. In the US conservative pundits view it as the best way out for a failing government while their liberal counterparts denounce the idea. The truth is that if you ever have to write an argumentative essay about it, you need to take into account the opinions of both sides.

Turn Your Dissertation into a Dance and Get Money for It

Science Dance

Forget about all incredibly boring ways of presenting your dissertation. Usually, you just stand there in front of those people, who are absolutely sure they are a hundred times smarter than you are (and that`s not always true). And they stare at you like you`re supposed to offer something revolutionary to them. Well, you actually do. Otherwise, why would you like to become a scientist? But the whole process is just way too intimidating.

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