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Consider Yourself Lucky: Now You Know How

Bad Luck

“You`re so lucky, it`s so great that it happened to you”. Have you noticed that you`ve been saying this phrase too much lately? Perhaps, you`re feeling like you`re not destiny`s favorite child. Well, you`re not Beyonce after all.

If you`re a skeptic, you must think that there is no such thing as good luck, there are coincidences, opportunities, and hard work. You know what? You`re absolutely right!

If you still think that your friend is lucky because he or she got a new job or a grant for research, then I highly recommend you reading this article because scientists have another opinion on the matter. They are sure that there is a set of factors that can determine the so-called “good luck”. Let`s look through them real quick.

Being Attentive Pays Off

“The Luck Factor: The Scientific Study of a Lucky Mind” by Richard Wiseman is a book which will help you to find your good luck. Where should you look for it? In your mind, of course!

The author tells about a scientific study which included 400 participants. One half of these people considered themselves to be lucky and the other half weren’t that sure of their good luck. Mr. Wiseman had been gathering some information concerning the life of those people for ten years.

The author is sure that chronic losers or lucky people simply don`t exist. It`s all about people`s attentiveness, positive outlook, happy perception of life, and self-confidence. Turns out that people who are considered to be “lucky” just notice different opportunities and never fail to use them. They aren`t afraid to get a bit risky, and they hold on to the chances that they come across in life.

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A Failure Isn`t Always That Bad

Mr. Wiseman has conducted a social survey among his examinees. He asked: “If you happened to be in a bank which is being robbed, and one of the burglars shoots your hand, will you consider it to be a lucky or an unfortunate accident?”

The people who perceived themselves as losers answered that they definitely see this as a bad luck. “The lucky people” though were sure that it was good because the robber could have shot them dead.

Unfortunate occasions happen to everybody, but there is a huge difference in the ways people perceive those events. Some see them as useful lessons, and some are sure that it`s some kind of punishment. Obviously, if you`re a hopeless optimist, you may not notice negative stuff that can be harmful or dangerous for you.

For example, you can trust the wrong people just because that`s in your nature. Finding something positive in every negative situation is a good habit.

Self-Persuasion Is Good Enough


Richard Wiseman claims that believing in your good luck is enough to change the whole perception of life. You`ll feel that this attitude makes your daily activities so much easier. Mainly because self-confidence is contagious, and it has a major influence on other people.

For example, if you`re coming to a job interview and you are sure that it`s your lucky day and that you`re going to nail it, this mood can be transmitted to a hiring manager.

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Maia Young is a professor at the University of California. She has discovered that students who believed in their good luck were more likely to deal with complicated tasks and turned out to be more successful in doing them. Non-believers ended up with failures more often.

Amulets Aren`t Witchcraft


If you`re a stubborn skeptic, you won`t probably like this idea. But you must believe scientists, so here`s what they have to say about this.

It`s been proven that mascots improve people`s intellectual and physical performance. One group of examinees was asked to throw a ball into a basket, but they were told that the ball was lucky, and it helped many people to score. The other group was asked to do the same, but they were said it was an ordinary ball.

What do you think the results were? Turned out that the first group was 36% better at throwing the ball into the basket.

When students are allowed to take their talismans to exams, they pass them much better as well. Those little things which have a personal meaning play a significant role in boosting the self-confidence of students.

So, try to recall where you put your rabbit`s foot.

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