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Sample Essay on the Role of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone

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In the time of almost two decades, mobile phones have become something of a prolongation of a person’s body. It is highly unusual not to have a mobile phone these days, and wherever you go, you can see people checking their phones or simply carrying them around. A whole life encapsulated in a phone: our messages to loved ones and friends, photos of the places we have been to, the music we like, the apps we use in our day to day life. However, debates are still arising on whether mobile phones are actually our strongest allies or mortal enemies. In this essay I would like to talk about the pros and cons of mobile phones and their role in our lives.

A lot of young people shudder at the prospect of going to the library to look up a simple piece of information, to memorize the TV schedule or a map, or to print out the photos they want to keep. However, this was people’s life not so long ago, and mobile phones have been of a greatest convenience at making their lives easier.

Now knowledge is at our fingertips. We can google anything, from Abraham Lincoln’s years of life to the translation of the word “estuary” in Swahili, or the nearest pizza place with vegetarian options. It is also immensely easier to communicate with all kinds of people from wherever you are, whether it is texting your roommate to feed the cat when you cannot be bothered to do it yourself, or finding avid crochet knitting fans on another continent, we can find almost anyone on social media and send them a message. It is much easier to find places when you travel,look for photos of the inside of hotels or read the reviews. Now you can order a pizza, a taxi or a yoga instructor simply by using your phone. Another advantage is that your phone contains half of your life, for example, your contact numbers, which can be extremely useful or even life-saving in some cases.

If mobile phones are so amazing, then why is there so much negativity surrounding them? The truth is, being attached to your screen, being dependent on social media and looking through your phone first thing in the morning can provide a lot of health issues, such as stress, and even a poor self-image. Often people share the best parts of their lives, and we cannot help but compare our lives to theirs and feel depressed that we lack those friends, possessions, vacations and so on. Even though the possibility for communication are endless, it reduces the time we actually engage in a deep and thoughtful conversation with someone, as we can always send them a message whenever we need them. Mobile phones are a great distraction, and whenever for some reason we cannot use them at the moment, we feel anxious, panicked and depressed for no reason at all. Our information can be tracked on social media, and we are an easy target for blackmail, catfishing or stalking. Another fact is that we cannot sleep well because the screens of our phones, laptops, tablets are too bright and trick our bodies into thinking it is daytime, inducing insomnia and restlessness.

In conclusion, I would like to state that there are a lot of benefits for users of mobile phones, as they can get information and communication faster. However the drawbacks, especially health-related, are still plentiful. As with anything in life, it is important to recognize how we use tools and not let them affect our lives negatively.

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