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A Roommate Who Is a Player: Can Be Uncomfortable at Times


“You know I love the players and you love the game”. Well, as Taylor Swift noted in “Blank Space” song, she does love players. However, I bet if she had to be roommates with one, the song would be different. No matter how much we love our roommates with whom we live in the college dorm, they still never fail to annoy us from time to time. It can be either a snoring or a too talkative nature, there is always something.

If your roommie doesn`t fall under the category of a player, you may consider yourself a lucky person. Seriously, you should definitely forgive them all their sins because they are nothing in comparison to dozens of boys and girls in your room on a daily basis. It`s not just annoying, it`s plain weird and uncomfortable. It doesn`t really matter if you`re in a serious relationship or if you`re single (and not so ready to mingle), or if you`re getting over a break-up listening to Adele`s songs over and over again.

It`s weird when you have to witness so many details of a personal life of another person. All that drama isn`t something that you really need. And you just wonder how Chandler did manage to live with Joey all those years? A new girl practically every night! And poor Chandler even had to cook pancakes for all those ladies. I do hope that your roommate doesn`t make you share food with their significant others.

Anyway, we should have started providing you with some useful tips a few paragraphs before.

Nobody Likes “The Talk”

We Need to Talk

Don`t you just hate when somebody says “We need to talk”? Where on earth is a place where you can hide in order to avoid this conversation? I already know that you`re not going to like this tip, but psychologists swear that talking to each other is the best way to solve a conflict (or a potential conflict).

That`s a surprise for me as well! Who knew that humans actually need to talk when they want something from each other? That`s a bummer.

So, your roommate is a player, and that`s not a disadvantage as many people may think. That`s just a special lifestyle. It can be judged by someone who has a prudish perception of life, but we don`t care about those people. Anyway, a player isn`t a bad human being. Even vice versa, he/she usually is rather charming and sweet. Otherwise, how would this person be in the game, right? It may be hard to start a conversation, but it`s highly unlikely that you`ll be able to change anything without it. Moreover, it will give you an opportunity to improve your communications skills.

Don`t be aggressive, you`d better be reasonable. If you start with “Listen, you! I`m absolutely done with your selfish behavior!”, that is where your conversation is going to end. Nobody likes being attacked. However, taking into consideration that you both are students, and you guys aren`t so good at keeping a stable mental condition, let`s just switch to another tip.

Turn the Odds into Your Favor, Just Like in Poker

Your opponent will probably try to deny everything or simply won`t be able to understand what you mean. That`s where you can use all those poker tricks that you`ve learnt throughout the years of studying in college. Basically, it was the only useful thing that you`ve learnt through those years.

What? You aren`t so good with poker? How dare you! You had one thing to learn!

Well, you need to turn a table just a little. Give a hint to your roommate that it will be fair if he/she would spend at least half of the time at the place of their dates. But make it look like it was their suggestion. You don`t need a roommate in a role of your enemy. At the same time, you have absolutely no right to make a person live by your rules. So in that conversation that we’ve mentioned above a compromise is an absolute must.

It is very hard to be productive in such an atmosphere. If you are still hesitating to approach your roommate, you can at least approach Writingpaper for help. Our writers are no players, but hard-working bees waiting for your order to arrive. So, before you figure things out with your roommate, you can just rely on our friendly team to assist you with your homework assignments.

Will You Be Able to Make Peace with It?

Access All Areas

If you don`t want to hurt feelings of your precious roommate, or it just doesn`t bother you that much, you can learn a few lessons about how to handle the situations like this from Mr. Chandler Bing. He would just make friends with some of the people that Joey was bringing over. This is a great opportunity to meet someone new, and these acquaintances may actually be useful.

Alternatively, you can place an order on our website and get out of the dorm. Just check our testimonials, and you will see that this is a much better solution to the problem. While our writers craft a top-notch essay for you, you can finally be free from your annoying roommate. Get in the wild and breathe in some fresh air. Your deserve it after a stinky dorm room.

Or you may decide to stay. In any case, you never know who your roommate and their friends may turn out to be. What if you meet some producers or pop stars? Okay, I`ll try to stay realistic here. Shawn Mendes wouldn`t probably fall for your roommate. But it can be a person who can give you texts of some lectures or provide you with a triple-A pass to some cool concert.

A player is a type of a lifestyle which is often used with a negative connotation. But there is nothing bad in exploring all possibilities that this world can offer us, right? Still it`s never okay when one doesn`t feel comfortable at one’s own home, so just work it out as soon as you can.

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