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Turn Your Dissertation into a Dance and Get Money for It

Science Dance

Forget about all incredibly boring ways of presenting your dissertation. Usually, you just stand there in front of those people, who are absolutely sure they are a hundred times smarter than you are (and that`s not always true). And they stare at you like you`re supposed to offer something revolutionary to them. Well, you actually do. Otherwise, why would you like to become a scientist? But the whole process is just way too intimidating.

Writing like a Professional: Key Tips

Student Writing

It is never too late to learn how to write. Whether you are a college student struggling to complete a thesis or an aspiring author, having strong writing skills is extremely important. Even those who did not choose humanities find out, often to their dismay, that they need to write a lot.

Research Essay on International Security: Ideas

Fighter Aircraft

The technological development within our world isn’t limited to the latest novelties from Apple. If you watched at least one piece of news about the humanoid robot Sophia or about another transfer of advanced weapons somewhere in Asia, you’ve already caught my idea. International security is a thorny issue the world’s leaders are expected to resolve wisely.

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