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Essay About Advantages of Dormitory Life: How to Write

Advantages of Dormitory Life

You may be asked to write an essay about the place you live, or the arguments about dormitory life, and both topics lead to writing about a dormitory.

There are a lot of advantages for living in dormitories and you can feel it only from experience. If you did not have a dormitory experience, you will have a hard time writing such an essay, so it will be much better to ask WritingPaper.Org for help. There are a lot of choices that students face when it comes to living inside and outside campus, and still most choose dormitory life. Obviously, there are some reasons why.

Campus Library

If you take your studies very seriously, you may want to have books from the library at hand. Every student knows that writing an essay is not easy and requires a lot of literature, analyses, and research. This is why university libraries are always full of students that are eager to complete their course paper. If you are not one of those eager learners, there is always a possibility to order a paper online.


If you live off campus, far from the university, you have one more disadvantage compared to campus residents. When studying, you often need teacher’s help for research or choosing the topic for an essay. On campus, teachers are always available for communication.


Well, do not even argue: food is more than important, especially when you are busy studying and often forgetting to prepare food for yourself. Every dormitory has its canteen, in which every student can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The best thing is not only that food is prepared for you, but that you can buy the dish in advance to eat later. Everyone knows that when you study, you always wish for unlimited snacks.


Dormitories are less expensive than places outside the campus, in general. That is why people who were lucky to reserve places in dormitories will never want to change them. While writing an essay about advantages of dormitory life, you might want to mention some statistical figures and prices – they are easy to find. The research will not take long: just ask your group mates about their rent and compare with what you spend.


The best friends in the university are usually the ones that live with you side by side. In dormitories, the best friendship connections are always formed inside the dorms. When students first come to the university, it is better for them to find friends and adjust to a new situation. If you live off campus, you may face issues communicating with other students that have already formed groups based on their dorm life.


Of course, above all, dormitory life is creating memories. If you asked any student what they remember about university life, they would for sure mention dormitory. Friends they met here, essays they wrote at nights, parties they visited – everything will create beautiful memories. However, if writing down memories overnight is too much, why not get rid of this harmful habit and order essays online.

Moreover, dorm life is the first experience of adulthood. Though you are still considered a young adult in the university, for the first time you have to take care of yourself and be responsible for your choices.

In general, writing an essay about dormitory life is just putting your own experience on paper. So, there are no wrong choices and topics, so just be honest.

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