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Essay on How to Be Smart

A Happy Person

Everyone wants to be intelligent in order to be closer to other human beings and enjoy the gift of learning something new. However, it requires an effort and not all people are willing to make it. Being smart means constant improvement and building of your knowledge.

Keep Learning

If you want to stay sharp and be able to write great essays, you’ll want to ensure that you stay active in mentally challenging activities. A good way of keeping your brain active is to learn to play an instrument. It boosts mental functions and improves your memory. Besides, playing an instrument brings a lot of fun. As with everything new, at first, you will find it difficult but over time you will get used to it. It’s wise to take it to the next level once you’ve mastered the basics.

Another good way to expand your mind is through reading. That doesn’t mean that you have to read the books you find boring. You can think about what you like and then find an article or a book about it. Or you might just as well find an article about your hobby. People get knowledge faster about a topic they deeply care about. If you want to learn how to write an excellent essay, there are also many websites which will help you with this, and WritingPaper.Org is a good example.

Be Curious

As Albert Einstein said, “Don’t think about why you question. Simply don’t stop questioning.” This means that you never know what your question will lead to. You may find asking about economics boring but you can't predict the response of the other person. Moreover, doing a little research on the topic, you may also become interested. This can be proved if you decide to buy research paper online. Besides that, curiosity helps you find your hobby. How will you learn whether you like something or not if you don’t know anything about it?

Next time you’re doing research for an essay, don’t just close the tabs with interesting but unnecessary, at the moment, information. It’s better to save them and then read everything when you have spare time. Just make sure each time that the information is a from a respected source.

You’ll want to follow the example of infants. They not only question and try to learn everything they see around them but also acquire such life skills as walking and talking without the fear of failure and the question whether it’s worth it or not. They never give up or tell themselves that something is too difficult. And their efforts pay off.

Don’t Do Drugs

Everyone knows that drugs harm our health. By “drugs” I don’t imply only alcohol, stimulants and other similar types of drugs. Video games, overeating, self-harm, etc. are also very addictive. All drugs are the main cause of aggressiveness, addiction, and loss of self-control.

Most people practice abstinence or moderation and are good at it. However, there are those who are more prone to addiction. With said, the perfectionists who can’t live up to their own sky-high standards are more likely than flexible people to get hooked. So, don’t be hard on yourself. Whether it’s an essay or a report, the most important thing is that you did your best. Moreover, your B and C grades don’t mean that you are living a life of mediocrity. Well, if you just do not like B and C grades, you may place an order at WritingPaper.Org. The whole point of learning is in a continuous improvement, not in trying to be the best.

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