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Writer’s Trade: Learning to Write

Famous Writer

A writer does not differ much from a carpenter. One shapes the planks, the other shapes the words. It is not a gift but rather a great amount of work and sweating over one’s texts. Every art or creative work is a process and therefore it is also a technology. For you to become a writer you must learn such a technology. The most important principles which will help you in achieving the writing trade are:

  1. 1. Do Not Read

    First of all you should remember that reading something is not learning to write. Moreover, after reading of Faust you will feel like a tiny insect which should not ever try writing.

  2. 2. Exercise More

    It all begins with exercising. The first and the most important exercise for a writer is writing essays. It is a short form of literature which is fundamental for writing long novels. You can write essays about everything. It could be a depiction of a tree in a park, a description of your silly “conversation” with your dog or just some facts about your da, you can even use the elements of the essay while writing a diary. An essay for a writer is like a sketch for a painter or an instrument for a musician.

  3. 3. Do Not Lie

    Write only the truth. Write on the highest level of sincerity you can. If you are sincerely mistaken then it will be your truth. Anyway, the betrayal of your inner truth can be harmful not only for your texts but also for your mental health.

  4. 4. Euphony

    Write euphoniously. If the sentence you just wrote does not sound right then rewrite it till it sounds harmonically.

  5. 5. 7 Words in a Sentence

    You may think that it is a mistake but it is not. Of course, there are many writers that have one-page long sentences, but remember that they are already skilled for that. When you are at the beginning of becoming a writer you should learn to write correct and understandable texts. The shorter your sentence is, the clearer it will be for your reader.

  6. 6. Forget About Inspiration

    It is like a schizophrenia of a creative person. The person which writes under the effect of inspiration behaves like a stoked or crazy one. Open any memoirs of famous writers. They are not speaking about inspiration. They are telling how they improved their technology of writing. You should not wait for the inspiration in order to become a writer. You should just write. Afterwards you will have a material to work on and not just forgotten thoughts in your head. Moreover, if you wrote something while being inspired, wait until an inspiration goes away and then correct your text.

    Waiting for an Inspiration
  7. 7. The First Kick

    Every text begins with a kick-phrase. Put in one sentence everything you want to tell and even more. Make it a slogan to your text. During the live speaking we can explain the meaning with an intonation or feeling, but you have only the text and the reader. You are not there to comment on your essay and to explain it. After you wrote something you are gone, the only ones who are left are your readers and they can interpret your story the way they want. That is why make sure to write the most powerful and meaningful sentence at the beginning to reduce undesired connotations. At the end, remember that writing is a time-consuming process. If you have not achieved any great results yet, do not give up, you just need to exercise more.

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