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Recycling Matters: Facts You Should Know

If recycling is just a trend for you, check the following facts to see its true significance.


Recycling helps our ecology in various ways.

For example, our nature is not able to get rid of such materials as plastic or cellophane. When companies start destroying them, a huge amount of poisonous substances gets into atmosphere, those substances kill plants and are dangerous for health. Why not to recycle and create new things instead of polluting the environment and harming the living creatures?

Save money


Recycling helps to save money.

Many materials we use in our everyday lives become scarce and quite expensive. Why to buy them and spend lots of money if recycling can help to get them much cheaper? Also, today we use a lot of resources that are not renewable. As the amount of them left in the nature decreases, their price grows rapidly. As a result, it influences not only the market of those materials, but global economy in general. Recycling gives an opportunity not to let the amount of the resources reduce and the price of used resources grow. There are lots of better ways to spend your money!


Recycling helps to get energy.

Nowadays, when the energy sources become scarce and cost so much, why not to get the energy from trash? This is a new constantly renewable source of energy. You also reduce the quantity of rubbish dumps in your area and many other places!

Waste sorting

The simplest way each person can help by is sorting their waste. Why should we do that? By sorting you help recycling companies do their job, as it is quite hard to divide a huge pile of trash into different materials, plus some of them get ruined by others (for instance, paper gets ruined by food waste and becomes not recyclable anymore).

These ideas are not new. Even Victor Hugo said in one of his novels: “All the human and animal manure which the world wastes. If they were returned to the land, instead of being thrown into the sea, this would suffice to nourish the world.” The fact that recycling is a trend of our days shows the level of self-conscience of our society. Of course, not everyone have in-depth understanding of the problem, but even if they recycle because their favorite movie star does so, they still help our environment. There is a real life story about a student from Poland. There is a funny tradition (you may also say a superstition) in some European countries: when there is no more wine left in the bottle you should make a wish, “blow” it into the bottle, close it with a cork and throw it behind your left shoulder. It is thought that this way your wish will come true. It was a twenty-first birthday party of one of the girls, and after “blowing” her wish into the glass bottle she took all her friends, they went outside, found a container for glass and she made sure that when she throws the bottle it gets exactly in the needed container. This story shows that the level of self-conscience of young people all over the world gives hope for our future.

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