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9 Tips to Survive Without Drinking Coffee in the Morning

If you want to forget about the coffee addiction but keep yourself full of energy during the day, this article will be useful for you.

Sleep Well

This simple advice, the one you have heard millions of times, remains one the most useful. Of course, it is difficult to follow. You may say that you not being able to get enough sleep is actually the main reason for you to start drinking coffee. Here is a small tip. For your body to feel rested you need to go to sleep before 12 am (or 00 am), that is to say that you should go to bed “today” and not “tomorrow”. Our physiology works in such way that the best time for sleeping is from 9 to 11 p.m. – it is the so-called “beauty sleep”. If you rest during that time, it is much easier for you to wake up and you need less time to recover, your effectiveness and stress-resistance grow and your memory becomes better.

Beauty sleep

Start Your Morning with a Glass of Warm Water with Lemon and Honey

Make this a habit and you will notice how many positive changes this simple drink will bring in your life. Drinking warm water with lemon and honey in the morning was first proposed by yoga instructors; nowadays many people all over the world follow their advice. One glass of this drink makes your body work, strengthening your immune system, cleaning your blood from the toxins and lowering your blood pressure. Be aware that this drink cannot help you if you have diabetes, problems with digestive tract or allergies to one of the ingredients.

Do Some Physical Exercises

Morning physical activity will help you to wake up as well as a cup of coffee. There are so many options of what you can do – yoga, running, dancing, Pilates, fitness – you can continue this list endlessly. You can find a morning group in your town, or just do some exercises at home, download video lessons, turn on your favorite music and enjoy yourself.

Physical exercises

Get Some Fresh Air in the Morning

If you do not work outside, make sure you can at least take a short walk in the morning and get some oxygen for your body, so it can use it throughout a day. Fresh morning air will cheer you up and give you some energy.

Drink Something Else Instead of Coffee

Coffee seeds have two main ingredients – caffeine and theobromine. The first one makes you more active and more attentive, but it works only for a short period of time. Then theobromine starts acting: it makes you sleepy and makes you want to have another cup of coffee. There are some drinks that have caffeine, give you energy and have less harmful effects on your health. Among them are green tea, coffee drinks and cocoa. Green tea has even more caffeine than coffee, but it doesn’t increase your blood pressure and doesn’t overexcite your nervous system. Coffee drinks made out of barley, chicory, cardamom strengthen your immune system. Natural cocoa gives you energy and makes you feel happier.

Eat Foods Packed with Healthy Nutrients

As it has been just mentioned, coffee is able to provide us with the energy we need so much to hold on during another working day. However, probably the most discouraging disadvantage of this drink is the fact that it charges us with some short-term energy, which appears to be not enough for our brain and body to function properly within the required time. That is why you should look for some other natural energy boosters.

The most essential nutrients that can provide you with healthy energy, and hence productivity and good mood, are proteins as well as iron, vitamin C and many others.

  • Among the best sources of protein there are eggs and dairy, fish and various seafood, meat, beans, etc.
  • Iron can be found in meat and seafood as well, but if you want to add some diversity to your menu, try chickpeas and lentils, do not refuse to eat cereals for your breakfast and do not forget about dark chocolate.
  • Not only citrus fruit contain vitamin C: you can choose between broccoli and cauliflower, kiwifruit and strawberries as well as such herbs as parsley, basil, thyme and chives.

Look for Different Healthy Sources of Sugar

Even if you prefer to drink coffee without sugar, still you drink it to keep active, that is to get some energy. However, you are still likely to agree to have another cup of sweet latte or something of this kind. If you want your brain to work effectively and help you solve your everyday issues so well that you didn’t need to redo everything the next day, you need enough sugar. Let us have a look at the products packed with it:

  1. honey;
  2. fresh and dried fruit;
  3. wheat bread;
  4. natural fruit smoothies and yogurts;
  5. carrots and beets.

Take Hot Baths

If you realize that taking a morning hot bath is not your case at all, because you are under huge threat of falling asleep right in that very bath, you can opt for the suggestions above. However, if you want to relax after a hard day and guarantee yourself good sleep, taking hot bath before going to bed will be a good idea.

Simply Go Cold Turkey

If you have finally decided to try to give up your coffee habit, then just do it! No excuses! Nothing like: “I can’t drink tea or juice when I’m at the coffee house with my friends” and so on. Those who have quit drinking coffee and come up with the alternatives to this habit, claim that they feel much better and their study/working success is much higher.

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