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Interesting Facts About Students You Definitely Didn’t Know

There is a saying that everything changes, but students change less of all. This is probably the reason why their habits and beliefs turn into actual traditions. Here are some interesting facts about what is students’ influence on the world around them.

Sleep Is Sacred

Of course, the only thing a student has absolutely no time to do is the sleep. Basically, every student has ever fallen asleep during a lecture or was really tempted to do so. Every professor has a personal way to deal with it, but the rate of sleeping students was so high in Nantes University, that the professors decided to create a special room for rest. Students are allowed to come here during the day to have a nap or simply lie down and rest for a bit. However, you cannot listen to music and smoke, as well as cuddle or kiss anyone there.

Penny Loafers

This specific kind of loafers received its name from students. It’s not a secret that students are ready to believe in anything before their exams, wishing to pass them as easily as possible. They used to bring a lucky penny with them to the exam, carefully placing it into a special cut on the shoe.

Revealing a Genius

Once George Dantzig was late for the class and mistook two equations written on the blackboard for a home assignment. It took him a couple of days to find a solution for them, and then he found out, that those were two problems scientists could not find a solution to. He found an answer, as he simply didn’t know they were impossible to solve.

The Primal Scream

The primal scream is a specific scream a student can let out during the preparation to the exams. The scream can last a couple of minutes. The students are allowed to scream in the campus of the university, as it is believed to be a good medicine against stress and helps to let the negative emotions out.

eyes watching

The Twinges of Conscience

There was an interesting experiment held in New Castle University. Scientists decided to find out, if the hypothesis about people acting more responsibly when there is a picture of eyes watching them actually works. In order to prove it, they decided to hang the photos of eyes in random parts of the canteen for some days. They discovered, that on the days when those pictures were hanging, students used to take the dirty dishes after a meal to a special window twice as often as they did when the pictures weren’t hanging around.

Sophomore Mice

Psychology is called a science of “students and mice”, as most of the experiments involve them. A lot of scientists work as professors, and that is why it is easy for them to involve students. Apart from that, some of the experiments are paid, and students are often willing to get some cash.

Great Contributors

Some of the most amazing and very important things, which the modern world can boast of nowadays, have been invented by students. Despite the fact that all these novelties refer to different spheres of our life, they have such common feature as practicality. A large number of these helpful widgets proves that students and youth are trying to search for the ways how to make their own lives and the lives of other people worldwide more comfortable by creating rather smart and portable devices, which can stand us all in a good stead in the near future and for many years to come.

Looking into the Past: Braille Writing System

Louis Braille was 15 when he created the special alphabet for blind French people, which would be called after him later and make lives of millions of people much easier and more fulfilling. The alphabet is a system of raised dots that can be read by finger touch. Nowadays, the Braille system has been adjusted for many languages, even for the Chinese language, hence allowing people who cannot see to access the same information and in its almost the same amount as sighted people do.

Medical Injectable Foam for Soldiers

Students cannot stop wars unfortunately. However, they can save numerous lives with what they have invented up to the present time. A few years ago, a team of undergraduates from the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, the U.S., where medicine is taught on a very high level, brought into life the idea of the medical injectable foam. The foam was designed as the military wound treatment which should stop bleeding and thus saving soldiers’ lives until they got proper medical aid.

Netra Drone, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

It is said that the group of creative alumni, who studied at The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, got inspired by the Indian movie “Three Idiots” and created a flying drone which has already proved its advantages successfully. It was first used for carrying out relief operations in India during the Uttarakhand flood in 2013. However, initially it was planned that this device would help the Indian army in rescue operations. Yet, we will hope that the drone will serve for more peaceful properties.

Regardless of whether you are still a student or not, you can definitely set some other examples of interesting facts about students and their lifestyle. These can be stories of truly amazing things students manage to do even though all circumstances and conditions are playing against them.

Who knows? Probably, it is all about the age and inexhaustible, though sometimes deeply hidden, optimism that help students survive situations that would totally depress adults. Or, there might be some whimsical god who must care about students and bring them luck when they need it. Whatever, students are not just young people in their 20s or 30s who attend colleges and universities. They are a great worldwide power that can save our planet, however pathetic it may sound. We’ll see!

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