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Reasons to Read More Fiction Part 2

Healthy Sleep and Strong Nerves

An escape into the fake reality is useful for anyone who feels stress, but a book is the most effective way here. Researches show that just 6 minutes of reading reduce one’s heartbeat frequency and muscle tension by 68%. To compare: listening to music calms you by 61%, a walk – by 42%, a videogame – by 21%.

Student Sleeps

Reading is a perfect activity before sleep. It helps you get distracted, relaxed, and helps you fall asleep.

Solid Memory and Logic 

To memorize all the characters and plot details of “War and Peace” you’ll need not only steel nerves but a developed memory and logic. When going through the complicated novel, you help your brain live longer. It is proven that readers are 32% less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

The longer is the novel, the better your brain works.

Rich Vocabulary

Research results show a direct dependence between the quantity of fictional books read by a person and their vocabulary. There are quiz results for 30-year old readers shown in the table below:

Reading Habits

Vocabulary (words)

Read a lot (a lot of fictional literature)

29 558

Read a lot (sometimes fictional literature)

28 299

Read a lot (rare about fiction)

24 064

Read sometimes (sometimes fiction)

23 353

Read rarely (sometimes fiction)

21 947

Read rarely (and rare about fiction)

12 402

If you want to speak beautifully, read fiction. That is how you can learn forming your thoughts and telling stories better, get rid of template phrases in your speech and writing.

New Friends and Discoveries

Fictional literature can get you familiar with people and send you to adventures you lack in real life. Characters become your friends, behavioral models and advisors. You argue with them, you hate them and you support them. You feel real emotions while reading. You do not just make a step away from reality, but gain new experience as well.

Students Make Friends

Fictional literature teaches people understand others, feel sympathy and compassion. It activates imagination and enriches your vocabulary. Fiction admirers think wider, are open for new experience and approach to problems creatively. And the main point is that they are more calm and can sleep better. 

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