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5 Best Services and Programs to Create Presentations for Teachers and Students

Perfect applications that will help you bring the information to the audience.

  • 1. Microsoft PowerPoint

    This program is extremely popular. When they speak about software for presentations, PowerPoint is the first title most users find in their minds.

    Student Presentation

    It should be said that the popularity has been gained fairly. PowerPoint presents all functions that can be useful to create stylish interactive presentations. Many editing instruments, backgrounds, templates and fonts, possibility for teamwork through the Web, audios, tables, graphs… these and many other functions are available with PowerPoint.

    In fact, there are so many functions and options that their variety can scare the newbie user. But for authors creating complicated professional presentations, PowerPoint is perfect.

  • 2. Apple Keynote

    Apple Keynote — another heavyweight representative of presentation software world. It can stand against Microsoft PowerPoint as an equal. Keynote contains a rich set of instruments to present your ideas professionally: beautiful effects, topics, fonts and various options for text editing. An app allows teamworking through the Internet and is compatible with PowerPoint file formats.

  • 3. Google Slides

    Google Slides service attracted many users working in teams. His happened because developers made a great accent on a cooperative editing of presentations, and worked out the online-part of their project best of all competitors. You can edit slides together with your teammates in the real-time mode. Changes made by every user are noted in a special system journal.

    In addition, it is possible for you to edit and save presentations offline. All you need to do is to install the special browser extension. Most of the main PowerPoint functions can be found in Google Slides easily. Plus to this, the service works with PowerPoint formats perfectly, is easy to master it and is available for free.

  • 4. LibreOffice Impress

    Impress is a simplified alternative to PowerPoint and other professional software to create presentations. This program lacks beautiful interface, some other features and online teamwork functions.

    On the other side, LibreOffice is totally free and available on all OS types, including even Windows XP.

  • 5. Prezi

    Prezi stands outside the row of presentation programs. Developers of this project refused the usual slide format totally. Your presentation here looks like one big map where you can place text, videos, photos, pictures and other info. During the presentation, a camera does not move from slide to slide, but from one point of the map to another, and the required map areas get lighted and zoomed with impressing effects.

    Teacher Presentation

    Prezi can be used for business presentations, too. But the best use for it is the creative presentation of ideas. Even if you do not have any designer skills, you can create a dynamic presentation that can make every topic attractive. There are many formatting and designing instruments in Prezi. Plus, you can work together with your groupmates or colleagues.

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