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Paper on the Power of Positive Thinking

Successful People

Somewhere in our universe there exist people whom we call “a lucky man,” “a fortunate soul” or “a lucky stiff”. The variants are different. All those words refer to people who manage to get everything they wish from life. Passing all exams for “A” and “B” grades? Taking out only lucky tickets at exams? Becoming a teacher’s pet? Getting a diploma with honors at college? The traineeship during studying at university one may only dream about? Winning a scholarship to get a perfect education at the university of your dreams? Society defines such people as the extremely lucky ones or children of fortune.

One may get surprised when discovering that all the aforementioned gifts of fate are not luck. One may get everything one wishes in life with the help of such a psychological practice as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If to give up a scientific vocabulary, one may call that the power of positive thinking or self-suggestion. Such a practice may change your life essentially and exclusively for better. Just in case you want to buy an essay on psychology, we are ready to help!


Self-suggestion is a magic word. A person is able to inspire oneself with anything, and it does not matter how true such information is. The main thing is one can believe it. If any statement is false, your consciousness will reincarnate it into truth. Man becomes what he is, falling under the influence of the dominant thoughts in his mind.

Create your own "garbage can", where you will throw out unnecessary words and utterances that form negative attitudes: “terrible,” “horror,” “always,” “never,” “must” and “necessary” because our thoughts materialize. Instead of that, add to your vocabulary “happy” words such as “lucky,” “happy,” “magic,” “joy” and “wonderful”.

Negative thoughts create a negative and unhappy life; positive thoughts create a happy, bright and joyful life full of new opportunities and success. Keep in mind that it is a common rule to become a lucky and fortunate person.

Persuade yourself that all your wishes and plans turn into reality. Fix in your mind the thought that you undoubtedly enter the target university/get “A” in Anthropology/lose weight/start dating with the boyfriend/girlfriend of your dream. As a result, the subconscious will influence your behavior and encourage bringing your wishes to life. So, do you want to pass that tricky Math test? Just start having faith in that! In addition, visualize that! Imagine the process when the lector puts “A” opposite your surname into the academic record. Try to feel that moment and feel satisfied. That really works!

Visualization of Desirable Things

Person Imagines Something

Visualization is an integral part of the self-fulfilling prophecy or the power of positive thinking. Fake it till you make it! That is the backbone of some well-known proverb. Visualization involves a vivid idea of the dream: a person should imagine what he wants to achieve in detail and as clearly as possible. In other words, behave as if you already possess the thing you desire. That will add up to your self-confidence. Moreover, one has to behave confidently even when one’s mind reflects some doubts.

Such statements as “I will manage” and “I will succeed” accompanied by a sincere smile will conduce to the ability to convince in that the people surrounding you. The desired effect comes very soon. You’ll become more confident in yourself and power of positive thinking.

In case you daily say to yourself that you’re a real failure and unworthy of living a happy life, so, that paradigm gets generated on the level of the unconsciousness and there appears a great probability for it to come true. One more thing is that the path to any goal is often thorny and complex, and obstacles are absolutely natural for any person. But there is no need to visualize all complicated steps; your task includes concentration exclusively on a positive result.

Attention to Positive Information

Friends Communicating Happily

Surround yourself with positive information as it’s a source of well-being. Do you get used to seeing only negative things around? That’s an absolutely wrong path. For instance, when your groupmate comments that you’re likely to flunk an exam as the teacher is strict and uncompromising, so the right decision, in this case, is to dismiss or even ignore such pessimistic remarks as you may start thinking unconsciously the same way as your talk partner. Answer that you have another point of view and always state that you’re confident enough to demonstrate the best knowledge and pass that exam.

Unsubscribe from groups on social networks, discussions of publications in which you are always so violently and emotionally involved in. This is the first step, one in a hundred. But you will see how much time you have preserved, and how many nerves you have managed to save by way of finishing unnecessary disputes with strangers whose opinions won’t improve your personality and life in general.

Keep smiling and spend your time in a society of positive attitudes of successful people. Staying in a perfect mood is the key to success. Communication itself is a great anti-stress move, and if it happens with those people who can teach you something or simply tune in to the right "wave", then it's a great motivation to start thinking positively.

That’s hard to believe, but positive thinking is available to everyone without exceptions. Right now, you can start thinking just like those whom we consider being lucky people. Everyone has the opportunity to control their lives. Beyond doubt, people's opinions, conversations, criticism, in some way, affect our life, but this is not due to external manifestations but because of our perception.

 When you perceive the words of other people as the truth and root them in the subconscious as new desires, they materialize. Therefore, you need to learn how to manage your thoughts and perceive from others only positive and useful information. The thoughts you create means the life quality you have.

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