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20 Perspective Future Professions for Modern Students: Part 2

There exists a prognosis saying that robots will take 12% of workplaces away from USA citizens in 10-15 years. As a student, you have time to adapt to changing labor market conditions and to get a new profession. For instance, you can become a digital tailor or a data processing detective. There is the second part of a list of 20 professions which are going to replace traditional ones in the nearest future.

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The IT-service coordinator will watch after the company to move towards its digital goals and to automatize its platforms maximally. To do that, a specialist will lead the secret team of top-developers, provide hackathons and tell workers about advantages of new digital technologies.

Future Profession List

Cryptocurrency Coach

It is quite possible that physical cash will lose its meaning in future, and people will use cryptocurrencies and microloans. Not everyone will be able to understand nuances of the new finance system. Crypto-coaches will help people understand what really happens on the market and give recommendations on getting better profits from their savings.

Personal Memory Curator

People will live long lives and they will need personal virtual memory worlds, just like “Black Mirror” characters. Memory curators will help them create these universes and make them true. They’ll fill worlds with realistic simulations of the past to do that. For instance, specialists will recreate a house where client had lived while being a child. Curators will deal with creating the memory base. A person will be able to use that database after their own memory starts malfunctioning in any way.

Virtual Store Guide

When trading industry completely goes to online, clients would be able to visit virtual stores and choose goods while staying at home. Virtual consultants will help them find what they need in a variety of products available on shelves.

Genetic Portfolio Director

Biotech companies of the future will have to react to patients’ wishes caused by the development of DNA analysis and CRISPR-editing. Genetic portfolio director will occupy one of the top positions in the company. Their task will be to create strategies helping introduce innovative cures to the market.

Teaming Manager for “Human-Machine” Cooperation

According to analytics’ opinion, a labor market of the future will depend on the ability of humans and machines to learn how to cooperate with each other. Teaming managers will determine strengths of humans and machines, and manage their cooperation after that.

General Trust Director

Online services and data availability will increase the investors’ awareness about all the plans and projects of the company, so firms will have to act clearly. Trust officers will deny doubtful for around the company and persuade investors about workers moving the right way and spending money correctly.

Quantum Machine Learning Analyst

Quantum machine learning expert will connect quantum calculations with possibilities of machine learning. This will allow creating fast and effective business solutions.

Quantum Machine Profession

Edge Computing Specialist

A specialist of this kind will be responsible for modernizing the company’s infrastructure to the improved decentralized model using the latest edge computing achievements. They say edge computing technologies to allow companies to process the data with no delays, without the need to wait for large datacenter’s response.

Ethical Specialist

There will appear companies that  make decisions based not only on incomes but on ethical values as well. A specialist will check how actions and expenses of the company correlate with values of investors.

For example, if human workers and not robots will be investor’s priority, then the ethical specialist will have to check how this demand is kept in the real production process of the company. 

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