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Paper Book VS Digital Publishing: Argumentative Essay

Girl Reads Book

As every conflict between old and new, this topic appears in a variety of discourses and communities from time to time. Printed books are predicted to disappear, as they will be completely replaced with digital editions. You can`t be sure about the future, but you may try to imagine it in your essay.

Conflict History

First, you need to understand what the matter is, why such a discussion has arisen. It is important to remember that this is not a conflict for or against books. It is battle between two forms of the realization of the book. Over the past 20 years, the techno world essentially transformed our reality. Every second person on the Earth has at least one gadget. This greatly effects on the publishing business. The e-book is not only convenient, but also saves a lot of publisher's money. Nevertheless, many people are in favor of prints, because they also have a lot of advantages. To begin with, you may describe the different points of view to show that you understand the issues.

E-Book Pros

Arguments are needed to make your position forceful. You need to choose a side in favor of which you will give argumentation. Let's say that you choose an e-book. You can write that it is the future of digital technologies. Digital books are not only easy to read, because you can have every book in any gadget and it takes only a few megabytes of memory, but also give additional possibilities. According to the research, multimedia elements and visual effects give the reader an opportunity to understand the material much better. For example, if book is on physics, it is possible to put the animation, how some mechanism works.

Tablet E-Book

Pros of Printed Book

If you take the position that the printed book is better, you need to lead the argument in the support of the paper editions. History of the book begins in the times of Ancient Greece. Then it was made on the parchment, with beautiful design, and they were very expensive. Nowadays the printed book still has its own charm and advantages. For example, it can`t be discharged. Many people like to keep thick book in the hands, turn the pages and inhale the smell of paint. In addition, there will always be conservatives in the society who are reluctant to take new forms. Printing industry is also evolving. Admit this fact, it is very pleasant to hold a book with a beautiful design in your hands. And the main argument is that the printed books are still popular!

Examples and Conclusion

To support your position, you can give examples of how it works in practice. For example, you can find the statistics of sales of printed and digital books. Perhaps there is statistics data about how many people read on tablets, and how much prefer the paper editions. In addition, you can give examples from your own experience. Showing your vision is the main task in the essay. Summarize all the written above and prove why your point of view is correct.

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