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Writing an Essay on a Moral Issue: How to Put It All Right

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Moral issues include a lot of aspects of our lives. They are connected with history and politics as well as with different social and cultural processes. Our experienced essay writer has prepared a nice example of an essay on a moral issue, so that you could make out what it should look like.

Some tips on How to Structure Your Essay

  • Start with the introduction paragraph and describe the issue you are going to write about in it.
  • Next two or three paragraphs should be the main part of your essay. They are intended for your arguments and examples.
  • The conclusion paragraph is for your personal point of view. Make it definite, basing on what you state in the main part.

Essay Example

We know from history and literature that the people who were able to set such example were considered as heroes. Ancient mythology and folklore say that a hero is a person of superhuman qualities and often of semi-divine origin. Although the word “hero” got some other meanings in course of the development of our society, its main concept is still the same: it is a brave person, someone who has saved someone’s life or a person who you admire for his or her abilities and personal qualities.

Super Hero

Nevertheless, nowadays we have the people who we call “role models” and “celebrities”. Role models are those whose behavior is considered to be a good example for other people to copy. A celebrity is a famous person, especially in entertainment or sport. Such people are usually well-known in most parts of the world and their success in what they do is often given as an example of what each of us can achieve. However, the thing is that we do not consider them as “heroes”. Is it because they do not risk their lives in order to save others or it is because we see only their achievements and do not know what people they really are? It is probably true that in modern world we have only them, only role models and celebrities but no heroes.

On the other hand, we should not forget about the other side of the coin: if famous people are not heroes, then real heroes live around and among us. We just do not notice them. In order to support this idea, it would be proper to set the next example. The story of this man has recently appeared on the Internet. His name is Don Ritchie and now he lives in Sydney, near a big cliff “The Gap” which had had a bad name for the big amount of suicides until retired Don settled there. According to the official information, he has already saved 163 lives. As Don says, when walking with his dog, he sometimes sees lonely people coming to the edge of the cliff. All what he does to save them is inviting them to his place for a cup of tea. His open and friendly heart and warm words make those people forget about their terrible intention and they just go back home.

This story does not need any conclusions. It is about a real hero who cares about people’s lives and saves them. He used to work as an insurance agent.

So, our world does have heroes, even more than we can imagine. They must not be role models and celebrities. Their lives show us that everybody can be a hero, a real one. It is not an aim to achieve, not a dream to come true, it is just a way of life to follow.

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