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A Millennial’s Choice: Career or Family? Sociology Essay Sample

Making a Choice

Millennials consider themselves special. And somehow, they are: they are ready to put off having a family, relationships, and children for just earning more money. Are we too materialistic or just sober-minded? Read this research at and draw your own conclusions!

What Does Statistics Tell Us?

There is a truth, lie, and statistics. Here we will deal with the last one – recently, a survey among a group of millennials has been held. Unmarried or single people without children in their 20s and 30s were asked a question of how much money would be enough for them to substitute their personal life. For sure, they were not asked this directly as everyone remembers how Beatles sang “I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love” and usually agrees with a famous band on this point. But here are the data which was obtained:

  • 41% of respondents are ready to end their relationships if they are offered a promotion that can change their life instead.
  • 32% of people who took part in a poll replied that if they get the desired raise of the salary, they can break up with their partner.

So, how much money does a parting of ways cost? Just $37000 more per year would be sufficient to encourage the person to have a break-up. $36000 should be paid to a millennial to delay having relationships and $64000 - for a marriage delay. Also, some people are ready to give birth to a child later if they can get $67000 per year instead. And, by the way, it is easier to persuade men to put off their personal life than women.  Quite a surprising statistics, isn’t it?

Wrong Priorities?

Love VS Money

If the aforementioned statistics seem quite fair to you, your parents and grandparents have definitely told you that you were setting your priorities wrong. You might have heard something like “Money will not buy you happiness,” “Your career will not give you a glass of water when you are old,” “Children do not like having old parents” and so on. However, these accusations are pretty easy to justify – our parents were brought up in a different century with very diverse views compared to ours. Today, we are victims of the paradox: love is not going to pay our bills, and our bills are not going to love us too. We will just stay financially secure.

A Domino Effect

Having faced the discussed issue, we might be likely to look for the roots of it. If you dig deep, you will find out that most of us graduated in the era of a student loan and great recession. While not having money for getting an education, people start paying off their debts once they begin their career and earning money. This is the reason for putting off many important life events like buying a house, getting married, having children and saving money for retirement. These factors result in a necessity to work longer than our previous generations to stay as financially secure as they were. 

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