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Human Exceptionality: Thoughts that Burden Our Lives

Gloomy Person

Each and every one of us from time to time has a conversation with oneself. However, not everyone is aware of the impact of this monologue on our lives. If you only knew how much your happiness and well-being depends on your thoughts, you would never think of the items below.

  1. 1.Something You Are Afraid Of

    Isn’t fear an obstacle that prevents us from going further? But it only gains power over the ones who are always imagining the worst consequences of something and keep on thinking about the things that they do not want to happen. It is time to realise that your fear of trouble is much worse than trouble itself, and clear your mind from terrifying thoughts.

  2. 2.Something You Do Not Have

    Instead of being grateful for having two strong legs and a healthy body capable of jumping, running and dancing, many people complain about their weight and/or appearance.

    Instead of being grateful for living in a county that protects human and civil rights many people complain about laws, taxes and politics for days on end.

    Your everyday life is full of miracles; you just need to see them. Try to realise how happy you are, having what you have and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

    Happy Runner
  3. 3.Wanting to Be Somebody Else

    You came to this world to be yourself and not a person somebody wants you to be. Accept unconditionally who you are, your origin. Do not try to conceal your identity to appear “cooler” and do not make decisions based on the popularity of your choice. Moreover, do not let anybody else decide for you. What seems the right way for somebody may not be it for you. Learn to appreciate yourself, and take time to understand your own calling in life.

  4. 4.Past Mistakes

    Why regret about something that happened in the past? This moment is fresh and not burdened with anything. You have a choice to either hold on to the past or leave it behind and move on. The present is a new page of your life so why not use this chance to start over. It is useful to learn from your past mistakes and let them go. Maybe in the future you would make many more mistakes, but that is the point of progress. If you do not make mistakes, then you do not learn anything new.

  5. 5.Unattainability and Unfulfillment of Extensive Projects

    Any extensive project seems too complex, unattainable and unable to be fulfilled. But if it is divided into some smaller parts, it stops seeming so bulky and impossible to complete. Keep in mind the general picture of the outcome you want to reach, but concentrate on the part that you are working on.

    The most difficult task of an extensive project is to define what are your tasks on every step of the way. But once you have planned everything out, the completion of the project is almost guaranteed.

  6. 6.Attempts to Impress the Wrong People

    You may spend your entire life trying to impress everyone around, but is it really necessary? The opinions of people change all the time and to spend your entire life following the mainstream seems stupid. As a matter of fact, you may be much more respected, if you just do what you find right and interesting. Over time some people will accept you for who you are and the people who share your interests and choices may become your true friends. It is so impressive how far we can get, when we stop thinking of the approval of others.

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