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Things I’d Like to Know Before Entering the University

I tried to place everything that I’ve found out during my university studies into this small article. If you are a student (or you just about to become one of them), read it. I hope it could help you much.

The last year of my student life comes to an end. It was a time said to be the happiest one in my life. Was it really so? Maybe. But the role of the university here seems to be overestimated for me.

If to say sincerely, you doubtfully can find a university which has making you a happy person as its goal. The goal of that establishment is to give you practical and theoretical skills to get a profession and work in future, to get your job that is going to make you happy. Will it or not?

Student Enters University

I have the opportunity to look at some of my friends who exhaust themselves with studying. I still can’t understand if they are right. I don’t know if university grades really predict the level of a person’s success in future. When I try to analyze many subjects I’ve learnt at the uni, I actually fail to understand if they can be useful for me in future or not. When I ask lecturers about that, they mostly answer: “You’ll know when you grow up”.

I’d like to share my small experience about university studying after 4 years of practice.

It is not that Difficult to Enter a Foreign University

Unfortunately, I understood that when it was too late for me. Modern educational programs offer many possibilities to study abroad. The choice is limited only by your motivation and will for studying.

Profession Determines Your Life

Many reads might think that I decided to speak using obvious and regular facts. They’re right. But I was too careless about this choice after finishing school. After talking to many people, I’ve understood that I was not the only one about that.

Think about this: your choice will determine not only next three to six years of studying (you are going to hate them if the choice is wrong), but your whole life which is not going to be good if your choice will not be made well.

It is difficult to choose in advance when you do not know a thing about a profession. In my mind, the action-plan should look like next:

  1. Choose several professions that interest you;
  2. Read about them as much as you can;
  3. Talk to people who work in that field, ask them about details of their job;
  4. Choose your future only after that.

It is possible to visit the university that interests you, but the trip is not going to give you a thing. The uni is only a structure that will educate you, teach you how to do things you are going to devote your life to. The appearance of that building shouldn’t influence your choice somehow.

Some Subjects are More Useless than Facebook

I don’t mean subjects like sociology and philosophy, they actually widen students’ outlook and give reasons to think. But still, many subjects have a very small chance to be useful in certain professions and usual life of adult people. There is a minimal chance for the subject to be useful, but I’m not ready to pay tens of my learning hours for that chance.

I might use a skill of driving racing cars or a skill to play golf. But they do not teach me that. It’s a pity, really.

Good Roommates are Very Important

You’ll have to spend several years of your life together with these people. You are about to share your good and bad mood, daily routine and personal habits with each other. Try to find neighbors who won’t want to kill you at night because of your snore. Find people who have habits similar to your ones. You do not need a neighbor who likes listening to loud music while you try to concentrate and to study some new things.

Connections Will Give You More than Education

Relations you start while studying will help you to find the job in future. You don’t need to try making everyone be your best friend. But simple common visits to a bar or a football match may bring you much more than you think in future.

Good Relations with Teachers Mean Success

I used to feel angry at teachers. I had many reasons for that: bad grades, not-caring attitude towards their job, or themselves who seemed to be incompetent. I reviewed my attitude after understanding a few facts.

Student and Teacher

Teachers know about the profession more than I do. Do not argue that fact, just accept it. Try taking all knowledge they try to give you. Of course, this works only for cases when the subject is interesting to you.

Teachers have hundreds of guys like me. Those with a magnificent sense of humor, unique outlook and creed, and a strong and noticeable disregard for studying. Teachers passed by thousands of people like me, and knowledge is the best way to be noticed positively.

It seems to me that four years of my student life would be different if I’d known this all several years ago before entering the university. So, it would be cool to make this text some kind of a crib for future and current students. I’d be very happy knowing that this article helped someone to avoid getting lost.

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