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3 Ways to Improve Your Creativity

Why nothing comes to my mind? Why am I not as creative as my groupmates, colleagues, neighbors? Is there a way to become more creative?

Such questions appear in everyone’s mind now and then. And there is a solution. Let’s talk about it in this article.

One of the fundamental problems is the definition of creativity itself. What do people mean when they speak about “creativity”, “creativeness”, “creative mind”?

Creative Student

Some people think that the most creative personalities can be found among designers, artists, and directors. Other people say scientists to be creative, too, as they tend to have the most productive thinking. In fact, there is no profession that can be called the most creative.

Still, no matter what you mean when speaking about creativeness, there’s something in common for all creative people and it can’t remain unnoticed. Here is an interesting fact: most of creative ideas are not just random thoughts appearing in your mind. In reality, they are results of your previous thoughts. By keeping this in mind and changing your actions you can improve your creativity. There are three simple methods for that. Start trying them out today and you’ll see your creativeness improve drastically.

1. Find Satisfaction in Loneliness

Nowadays, a smartphone is a constant companion for everyone. When you stay at home to rest from your job or friends, your smartphone is still with you. Yes, that is not a real live conversation, but you still have the possibility to call someone, or someone can call you. Plus, there exist various messengers with instant notifications.

To improve your creativity, find time to stay alone. People are so connected to technologies that they never find time to do that. Moreover, many of them are afraid of staying alone. The reason is very simple: when they are alone, it is more probable for bad thoughts to appear in their mind. They can ignore those thoughts with constant communication and living in the present moment. But the muse typically comes when a person is alone.

As soon as you stay alone, you start asking yourself questions you never thought about. You need to “dig” yourself deep in order to answer them. That is how you solve problems you have never solved before.

2. No Doubt Can Stop You

Some people say they need to try as many things as possible to live a full life. But these words can be interpreted differently, and they can push people towards deeds that are silly or not too good. Focus on reasons why you can’t do some things.

Those reasons can be numerous, but hesitation shouldn’t be among them. The next time you refuse a blind date or a free gym week think why you decide to go that way. If the reason is that you depend on other people’s opinion too much, then you need to overcome yourself. Otherwise, you’ll never be satisfied with your life to the full.

These are emotions allowing you to improve your creative thinking. When taking a new challenge, you practice in dealing with tasks you have never met before. The greatest minds were sure about being able to change the world. To change the situation, you need to be ready to do things others are afraid to do.

3. Maximize Experience the Flow Gives You

A “flow” is a feeling you get when doing things you really like. That is a feeling experienced by a programmer while sitting at the keyboard and creating a code for 15 consecutive hours. Every second brings him satisfaction. Writers have that feeling when finding shelter in cabinets and creating novels. Musicians feel that when they play, doctors feel that when they cure people. Everyone has felt that. And you felt exactly that doing what you like.

Student Working Hard

No doubts, such activities can increase your creativity. But there are those that can make it worse. TV is a great example here. You don’t need to use your creative thinking when watching any talk-show or movie series. Actors, plot, final: that all is in front of you. You only need to consume that.

To prevent that from happening, you need to become a participant, not a viewer. Do not watch an adventure movie, create your own one. Don’t read gossips in magazines, start writing your own stories. Find anything that will let you discover your creativity and show your strengths. Do not waste the potential of your priceless mind. 

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