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Importance of Voting: Essay

Voting Form

There can be no democracy and freedom if people cannot or just don’t want to vote in elections. It is fundamentally wrong to consider that his opinion doesn’t matter and it can`t change anything. The more people come to vote, the more accurate and fair will be a result. Furthermore, ignoring elections means that one doesn’t respect the country and nation, as he or she doesn`t care about future of next generations. Here are several points why voting is so important, why your opinion matters and this topic is worth writing on.

Improvement of Life

Your life conditions won’t get better while you are sitting on your sofa and watching TV. Many people argue that salaries are low, and prices grow. The election is a chance to change existing order and put new people into government. Reforms will come after you vote for them. Choose the candidate whose plan you like the most and vote for him.

Unimportance of Vote

Certain people, especially the youth, find that viewpoint doesn’t play a role. It plays a role no matter if it is a president or local election, just remember that every vote matters. We can’t call a ballot, where only half of people voted, fair. You should support democracy and make your choice. Anyway, it is your contribution to the country’s future.

It’s Your Duty

As a fair citizen, you should fulfill your responsibilities before the country. Voting is an important issue. That way, you show that you care about your state or city and its future. Also, you have to consider that country invested a lot of resources in order to hold the election. If you don’t come, the money from taxes will be spent in vain.


Although many people think that results of the voting are faked, it is unlikely. Scores of people monitor the conduction of election. Independent experts take part in counting the votes and in conditions checking at the election sites. That way, you can be sure that your opinion will be counted and the results will be clear.

Politic Delivering Speech

Respect Your Country

Don’t forget that ancestries have fought a lot in the past in order to gain the possibility of voting and establish the democracy. You have to respect the work they did and take part it choosing future perspectives for your country. The thing that stops many of us is a hypocritical type of politicians. It is true that many politics give false promises, double-talk and cheat in order to win. But it is not a reason to ignore the election; your task is to prevent their victory and choose an honest and reliable candidate.

Summing up, voting is undoubtedly important, and it is a shame that so many young people avoid it. In such case, agitating companies should be carried in order to show the youth that their votes really matter and that every citizen has to make his or her choice in the selection of state’s policy course. Democracy is possible only in the country where people express their opinion, doesn’t matter if it’s disturbance or acclamation. 

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