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The Most Unusual Travelling Points

Travelling is one of the best way of spending your holidays. You see the world, understand the people better and learn the new aspects of life. In this article we suggest you the most unusual countries to visit. If you are brave enough for the new impressions, here you go the list!

The Specific Countries to Visit

The following list may include the countries, which you have not heard about before. However, spending holidays up there will make your outlook considerably wider. Visiting the famous touristic points is mainstream. Try something really new!

  1. Myanmar

    This is a country with the specific character and the specific national identity. The criminal rate is really low. People are modest and dress appropriately. You won`t find a girl wearing a short dress or shorts. You will be surprised how hostile and nice the people are.

    There is another thing you should know: there are practically no roads up there. The only way of transport connection between cities is travelling by planes. Moreover, the plane tickets cannot be purchased on the web.

  2. Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe is worth seeing even due to the famous waterfall Victoria, which is situated on the territory of this country. It is located on the countries border and was named after the queen Victoria. However, during the rainy seasons you should not visit it. The inhabitants of Zimbabwe call the waterfall “a Noisy Smoke”, since you can see nothing but the white spray and hear its noise.

    Waterfall “Victoria”
  3. Bhutan

    This is a country of happy people. Actually, this does not means that they have perfect economic situation. Well, the situation is quite opposite. Nevertheless, the King controls the Gross National Happiness Rate. To keep the happiness rate high, the king finds some new ways every year. For example, the citizens of Bhutan are not allowed to smoke, otherwise they will be fined. Tourists can smoke, but secretly. Also, television was prohibited here till 2002. All the products are ecological, and it is strictly prohibited to use chemicals while growing the plants. Hunting and killing animals and fish is considered to be a sin. Also, polygyny has been prohibited as well recently.

    So, if you search for happiness and you are tired of the mercantile world – you may feel quite comfortable in this extra-ordinary country.

    The Picturesque Butan
  4. Palau

    There is a country, where the rainbow ends. And this is not a metaphor created by us, - this is a statement included to the customs declaration. It is extra small, as its population is 21k. An interesting fact is that the capital of this country is in forest and there is nothing around the parliament building. It must be the smallest capital in the world.

The Place, Where the Rainbow Ends

Why Is It Good to Visit the Countries Mentioned Above?

Here are the main benefits of visiting the countries mentioned.

  1. A Completely New Experience

    You will see the world can be quite different and the people`s way of thinking varies significantly. This is a great contribution to the understanding of life.

  2. Saving Money

    You will spend a lot for a flight, but this will be the most expensive thing for you in comparison to others. The countries mentioned are generally poor, so you will be surprised by the pricing for the products and living. We bet, that you have never seen that low prices in your life!

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