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How to Create an Impression of a “Very Important Person”

In modern world it is important to create an impression of a person, whose time is money, and actually a lot of money. This issue becomes more important, when you enter a new academic institution. Here are a few suggestions from people, who do their best to look VIP. All you need is just your smartphone.

The Rules of a Student, Who Wants to Look VIP

Check on the following suggestions:

Rule #1:

When you sit at restaurant or at a café, make sure, that your smartphone lies on the table in front of you. The people around you will understand that you need to be in touch and check for updates all the time, what actually contributes to your looking as an important person.

Your iPhone Needs to Be on the Table

Rule #2:

If someone calls you, answer a brief and certain “Yes” with the a bit irritated voice. This will make the person, who calls, understand, that you are busy and the calls without certain practical purpose just distract you from the important business.

Rule #3:

Never turn off your phone or put it on a silent mode, even if asked. Ignore the requests at cinema, theatre, meetings etc. An important person should be always available and hear all of the notifications.

Rule #4:

In case you have got a call at the places, where you were asked to turn the phone off, start talking while leaving the room. This will attract more attention to the importance of your personality.

Rule #5:

If you keep your smartphone in the bag, make sure it is as deep as possible. When it rings, start searching for the phone, putting some stuff out.

Searching for the Smartphone in a Mess

Rule #6:

If you get calls not that often, set a number of alarms, so they will sound every few minutes. You should pretend, that the alarm is a real call, take the phone and say some important things. You should better mention some names, give directions and orders, and include details and big sums of money.

Rule #7:

Your phone is the part of your style. Always keep it noticeable. To contribute to the effect, always carry it in your hands.

Keep Smartphone in Your Hands on Public

The Rules of a Respectable Student

We are sure you have a friend, who keeps at least one of the rules mentioned above. Nevertheless, people with the good education and manners have the only one rule: never keep anything mentioned under the previous category. Acting the way described will make you look ridiculous.

  • Respect the people around, and the people will respect you.
  • Never try to look better than you are.
  • Remember, that you can be adequately judged by your deeds, not by your words and accessories.

Share Your Opinion

In case you share our ideas and you prefer being respectable to “VIP”, you can help us to clarify the issue to others. If you have a friend, who is trying to look VIP the way we have written about, it is high time to share this text with him. Analyzing of the situations from the side may help him/her understand the way his/her behavior looks and change it.

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