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Teamwork: How to Survive

Group Project

Among the assignments that you may be required to do in college, a group project is the one you will encounter most definitely. While you are working as part of a team such skills as your leadership talent, your ability to estimate the work, to rely on others, your sense of responsibility and concept of time will be put under evaluation. A good professor will evaluate you according to how operative you work in a group, but some may evaluate just the final project of the group, and it is your task to make it tick like a clock. Here are some of the does and don’ts that you need to keep in mind.


#1 Know Your Strengths

Whether you are a leader or not, knowing exactly your strong points and weaknesses is exactly what you need to work most effectively. Even though it is a task of a leader to figure out what fraction of the responsibility they will lay on your shoulders, it is in your best interest to be cooperative and share your abilities as honestly as you can. Do not be shy, and say directly that you are good at web design, and horrible at giving out speeches. This will save your group resources, time and turn your work to the efficient side.

#2 Respect Your Duties

It is not only crucial to know what you are good at, but also to do it well. Consider your teamwork as a jigsaw puzzle. You will be able to see the whole picture only if all the member of your group do their own share of work, and that begins with you. Only when you finish your piece of the puzzle to the best of your abilities you will be able to judge or criticize others for their laziness.

#3 Value Time

Time plays an important role in teamwork, and that is why you need to value the time of others. Deadlines are crucial for the stable course of the work of all the mechanism. If you are putting on a play and you are in charge of the screenplay, the work cannot go on if you do not meet your deadline. Consider how hard it will be for the costume designer, if they have only a day left to prepare everything because of someone’s tardiness.



#1 Don’t Interrupt

Not only it is bad manners, but it is unacceptable in group work. You must work as one organism, and interrupting others creates an unstable and negative feeling within the group. Everyone should have their right for expression, so do not cut it short.

#2 Don’t Overload

The key lies in the word “teamwork”. It means that you need to do it as a team, and everyone gets their equal share of responsibilities and work. Do not overload others with work that you are unwilling or unable to do yourself, instead ask for other tasks if you cannot do what you were assigned to do.

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