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Be Alert and Stay Safe: Tips for Foreign Students to Follow

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Here you are, almost ready to start your new life abroad as an international student in America. Sounds as it is what you have dreamt about. However, there are many traps and pitfalls for such excited young men and women. One of them is the possibility to get into a mess right after your plane just landed.

Of course, America is a safe country, nonetheless, nothing can be guaranteed at 100 percent, especially when it goes about personal safety. That is why the following article will be rather beneficial regarding safety issues for those who decided to change their place of living pursuing educational goals.

Be Watchful

In general, this rule is applicable to all places in the world and to all life situations. Just note that in every country there is always a certain percentage of the criminal freaks, who consist around 5% of criminal cases per year even in the safest country, and who simply can cross your road at the most unexpected moment. Consequently, to be alert is a first rule to follow that can help you avoid many unpleasant moments during your stay in the USA. It is not difficult to take a look around.

Party All Night! – Better No

I perfectly understand you regarding all these parties, companies, and hang outs somewhere in the clubs. These are an essential component of a student life that you certainly do not want to miss. Nevertheless, try to avoid walking from the club alone even if your way to dormitory takes only five minutes, it is better to ask at least someone to make you a company. If you look through a criminal chronicle, you will find out that most of the criminal cases were the crimes of opportunity. Moreover, if all your friends are not able to accompany you, then there is always special safety escort service in a campus. Better to experience five minutes’ shame in the eyes of your see-off man than to get into a trouble.

Dark Street and Criminal

Do Not Leave Your Valuables Wherever You Want

It is pity but as Fox Mulder said in a popular television series, “trust no one;” and it is true. Try always to keep an eye on all your valuables. Make sure that your packsack or handbag is always closed: all possible zippers and closures. After you have stepped out of a public transport, check whether your cell phone and purse, keys and personal computer are upon their spots. If you drive a private car, then be attentive, too, as far as it is a common case among car drivers to leave the wallets or cell phones on the front seat and go somewhere for a minute. For this minute, your car’s window can be smashed to smithereens to get the valuables immediately.


Usually, for an international student, campuses offer the dormitory, which is somehow guarded. But it does not matter whether you live on a campus territory or off-campus. Before you left the building, check a couple of times whether your door is indeed closed. Close the windows unless you live in apartment building on the fiftieth floor. Do not open the door momentarily, but always make sure who is knocking. If it is an official enforcement officer, then he must obligatory show his/her official badge with photo and name. Note that not opening the door at once is not a sign of bad manners. Moreover, in America, it is a part of common culture.

Personal Data

I am sure that you are aware of such type of scam as an identity theft. For example, you can get a call from some “official persons” (bank or telephone company) that would ask you to tell your card or ID number as if to check the information regarding blah-blah-blah… You know in such moments our brain can switch off and begin just to spill the data due to a suddenness for some other reason. Be just ready to say no and get off the phone than to get in the trap. Just in case, keep the copies of all your documents (passports, visa, I-94, etc.).

Safety at Campus

My final word is that no one can take care of us better than we could ourselves. If you still feel not sure about some safety issues, you can call to a campus police directly or just receive more comprehensive information in the international student office.

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