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How to Protect Yourself from a Seasonal Cold?


Nowadays, almost everyone suffers from the cold several times a year. Sure, bunged up nose and high fever are not the best and most pleasant things. Unfortunately, autumn and winter are the periods, when young people can easily catch a cold. That is why they miss plenty of classes at school or college. Of course, it leads to worse marks and bad understanding of the material: it is quite hard to learn some subjects at home, for example, Math or Physics. Sure, the majority of students find that a cold is a very light and minor illness. There is no need to look for medicines and effective treatment: you should just wait until your organism fight it off. Nevertheless, things are not that simple in reality, as a cold may lead to serious complications and you will have to spend months in hospital then. So, it is essential for every student to know some good and effective ways of protecting themselves from a cold in autumn or winter, when the weather can change very quickly.

Why Is It So Significant?

Patient at Hospital

As we mentioned before, many young people find that a cold is a minor illness, which does not demand any treatment. However, they are not aware of its unpleasant and even dangerous consequences. Sure, there are some possible situations, which show that cold may be very harmful both for your health and social life. We compiled several significant reasons why it has to be treated.

Missing Classes

This point is very significant for all students, as even a light form of cold may cause serious failures at college. It is quite hard to be concentrated and learn things if you have a headache, sore throat and bunged up nose. As a result, teenagers miss lots of lectures and then cannot pass an exam because they are not well-prepared for it. Unfortunately, textbooks and online materials cannot give you such knowledge and skills as professors at college do.

Serious Complications

It is true that if you do not treat a cold, it may transform in a more serious disease. Students may have problems with lung, bronchioles and get different viruses. Sometimes, young people, who think that they have a simple cold, suffer from flu or bronchitis and do not even realize this because of similar symptoms. As a result, infection has a lot of time to develop its more serious form and damage your body.

Disability to Live Full Life

Only very few people think about it, as the majority find that a cold is one of the winter’s symbols. However, it is false. You cannot live your usual life if you suffer from this illness. Your favorite hobbies and activities do not bring you fun and satisfaction anymore. It is impossible to go in for sport, travel, even walking by foot may be harmful if it is cold outside. The only thing you should do is wasting time in your bad and suffering from fever.

How to Protect Yourself?

Student Has Flu

Sure, there are lots of types of medication, which can help you to overcome a cold. However, these pills may cost a lot and have a bad impact on your health, especially kidneys and liver. So, it is better not to treat but to prevent such an illness. This will save you a lot of time and money. Just follow some simple tips, which we compiled in this article.

Healthy Lifestyle

It is true that healthy lifestyle is the best protection from any illness. Unfortunately, many young people ignore its importance: they eat in fast food cafes, do not attend a gym and spend all their free time in front of a computer. Keep in mind that your immune system cannot work effectively if you do not support it.

  • Correct your diet and cancel unhealthy products: they do not bring you any good nutrient but only excess weight. You should eat more fruits and vegetables. It is possible to buy them even in winter or you can freeze some in your fridge in summer and then use these products in cold seasons. Prefer food, which has lots of vitamins and beneficial nutrients.
  • Exercising is your second step in prevention cold. It will physically develop your body and it will be stronger and more persistent to different illnesses.
  • Moreover, you should give up bad habits such as smoking. They do not let your immune system function normally. It was proved that smokers have a lower level of vitamin C, which plays a great role in the protection of your body from various illnesses. They suffer from cold and other seasonal diseases much oftener than young people, who do not smoke.
  • You should remember the simplest rules of hygiene. Washing hands after coming back home for college may save you from lots of viruses. In addition, if you avoid communication with ill people, you can feel safer. So, you should not underestimate these rules taught in the childhood.

All in all, even the simplest cold may have very unpleasant consequences and bad impacts on your life. It makes young people suffer and do not let them live a full life. So, it is essential to know some effective ways of preventing seasonal illnesses. This is easy to do, but it makes your health stronger and your immune system works better.

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