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J.K. Rowling Writing Style: Keys to a Success

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Her imaginative world has caught breaths of millions of readers around the world, her books have sold more than 450 million copies worldwide, her underlying talent of writing led her from being an unemployed single mother to a highly successful multi-millionaire writer in just five years. This phenomenal woman in the world of literature is Joanne Rowling or widely known by her pen name as J.K. Rowling. You are probably one of the lucky children who grew up with her “Harry Potter” books. And the role that these books play can’t be underestimated. But it’s not only young readers who are captured with excitement reading Harry Potter story, but adults also came to enjoy engulfing into this magical world. So what makes J.K. Rowling style of writing so good that her books are loved by people of many different nations and any age?

  1. Persistence

    Thomas Edison once wrote that genius requires one percent inspiration plus ninety-nine percent of perspiration. As a matter of fact, the work on “Harry Potter” series took Rowling 17 years to complete. She came up with an idea of the story in 1990, and she published the last book of the series in 2007. Just to think of it: 17 years is as long as it takes to go to school.

  2. Think It Through

    While Rowling came up with a basic plot and the main characters of the Harry Potter story on the train travelling from Manchester to London, she didn’t rush to write it down. The thing is that she just didn’t have a pen or a copybook by her side. So, for four hours she just thought of the story in her head. And she confesses that maybe if she wrote everything that came to her mind down at once, she would stifle some of the good ideas. So, sometimes it very useful to think everything through in your head and then structurally write it down.

  3. An Interesting Story Can Outshine the Writing

    Let’s admit it: Rowling isn’t Hemingway or at least she hasn’t been when she started writing. The linguists assume that the writing in her first books was very pedestrian, but it greatly improved in her later works. But with the story of such a scope of thrill who gives a thing?

    Writer at Work
  4. Using Peak Energy Time

    Rowling likes to write in cafes, restaurants, where she can get lost in the crowd and music. She is also the type of person who can pull up all-nighters and marvel about how quickly and productively that time went by. However, the circadian rhythms of people differ. It’s a good idea to find your own time and place that suits you best to deal with the most struggling matter.

  5. An Intricate Plot Is a Good Challenge

    While many writers think that an intricate plot with several story lines and many events put the readers off, there is a load of examples in literature when such stories became classics or best-sellers. Yes, a complicated plot confuses the reader, but if the story is exciting, it also interests one to disentangle all the mysteries. That is exactly one of the features that made up the “Harry Potter”'s success.

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  • Roy Duncan

    I think she is a better writer than Hemingway and many others out there. I love her style. It's very unique and rare.

  • Maggie

    SAME. I think the same way.

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