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Dealing with Negative Emotions

When people try to avoid negative emotions, they do not let themselves live their life of dream.

Negative Thoughts

Mostly, humans try to avoid feeling negative emotions and getting into difficulties at any cost. But if you are able to neglect your instant feelings, you can reach many things. When you feel anxiety, but still do a thing, you get satisfied with a knowledge telling you that you live according to your own rules. You stop being a hostage of your emotions.

Make a Decision and Act

When you are passionate about reaching your final goal, difficulties lose their meaning.

In other words, if there is a reason which means enough for you, you will be ready to act whatever happens. That is why it is extremely important to determine reasons and wishes you have: it will be easier for you to start in that case.

If you do usual things, you get usual results. If you dream about something bigger, you need to do things in another way.

It does not matter how you feel at the moment. Of course, it will not be pleasant, as you make a step away from your comfort zone. But Tim Ferris once mentioned that a human’s life success is usually measured through a quantity of confusing talks he or she is ready to start.

Start from Something Smaller

For instance, take a cold shower. You’ll feel resistance before turning the water on (it is cold and unpleasant), but do not fall back. Resistance will be replaced by confidence and satisfaction in a few seconds. Confidence is a consequence, not a reason.

Your actions change your vision about yourself and the world around.

The more often you overcome your emotional blocks, the stronger you become. You start believing in your own abilities, as you saw that you can do things. Your beliefs and self-esteem will be changed together with your brave deeds.

Are you passionate enough about reaching something? Are you ready to feel confused, scared, wondered, funny or silly on the way to your goal, or you prefer staying safe and regretting? The choice is yours.

Trust Yourself

Confident Person

There will be the moment when you stop worrying about opinions of other people. Even thoughts of your idols will not matter anything sooner or later.

You can create something brave, honest and wonderful only when you trust your ideas totally.

You will never be satisfied with yourself and your job if you would not do things that really inspire you. The most honest job you do will be your best job, and probably the most successful one.

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