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5 Ways to Make Yourself Better

You’ll save much energy, time and money in future if stare working upon yourself today.

  • 1. Do not Leave Excuses for Your Mind

    Becoming Better

    Imagine a person that wants to stop eating sweets or drinking alcohol. He or she promises to refrain for the whole day, and to eat a small piece of cake or drink a little in the evening. As a result, it is impossible for him or her to think about something else during the day. That is why breaking the bad habit becomes hundred times more difficult.

    If you really want to change your behavior, refuse the idea that you can do something on 98 percent.

    Being consequent is extremely important; otherwise, you always will spend energy to motivate yourself. You’ll promise to change, but will leave an excuse all the time. Like you prove yourself that you won’t make it in advance.

    But you are stronger than you think. You do not need excuses as reasons to fall back, you can make it. Of course, the process of self-improvement is difficult, and it seems that you kill a part of yourself. That is true: you kill old parts in order to let new ones grow and get better.

  • 2. Change One Part of Life to Change Other Ones

    Positive changes in one life aspect, even the smallest ones, can give you a powerful impulse. The point is to use the motivation you gained in order to change other parts of your life day after day. For instance, check if you improved your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health at least for 1% during the day.

    The better you become, the more you want to go on with improvement. The more you learn, the more you understand that you need to know many things yet. Knowing that you became better than you used to be the day before inspires. Just imagine what you can achieve the next day!

    It is nothing bad if you do not know where to start. The main thing is to start at least somewhere. Yes, changes can’t happen at a time, but they are started with one single action

  • 3. Believe that You Can Reach Whatever You Want

    One Believing in Himself

    You won’t reach more than you think you can reach. So, first of all, change your beliefs. Ask questions:

    • Are my goals big enough? (Do I have long-term goals at all?)
    • What will happen if I scale them up to 10 times?
    • Do I really believe in my success?

    Somewhere deep inside, most people do not believe their life can be extraordinary. Their perfect future does not seem to be a normal goal they can dare to. But if you want to change your habits and to develop yourself, you need to believe that you can become better. Try to imagine something bigger and better than you have at the moment, and dare to achieve it.

  • 4. Change Your Environment

    If you do not shape and control your environment, then it is going to shape and control you.

    People are used to think that it is enough to just have a wish to deal with bad habits that passed through years of their life. But when their environment remains unchanged, they should not expect their behavior to change somehow.

    Of course, it is not easy to change one’s environment. It will even seem to you that some aspects are impossible to be changed, that’s natural. Start from things you can change. For instance, do not put up with mediocrity and people who are ready to tolerate it.

  • 5. Make a Bit Better Decisions Every Day

    The main problem is that people want to see results at once. Graduate and small progress does not seem to be a progress for them. That is why they often gibe up and get back to old habits.

    But humans are unbelievably flexible. You can adjust and change anything you want in your personality. A perfect life as you see it is possible. To become better and reach what you want, you just need to make slightly better decisions day after day.

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