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How Education Kills Creativity: A Topical Issue

Art Student

Do you have an interest in education? A real interest, not just a formal need? Education takes us to the future that we can’t grasp now. A unique potential that we have should be enlightened with the help of education. Some even compare creativity with literacy. If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you can’t be original. Do you agree?

A Reason for Unsuccessfulness

Teacher Punishes a Student

Thousands of educational organizations annually "produce" people who will live life with unfulfilled hopes. Why is that? Modern science has proven that we learn effectively only when we are not afraid of making mistakes. Most institutions of education are doing everything in order to punish student for mistakes. Bad marks, disrespect, anger – all these unpleasant things appear only because we wanted to try new things, to experiment, to take a risk. Modern education kills one of the innate instincts – the desire for knowledge. The majority of students receive diploma and stop learning. Unfortunately, they hate the process.

The Problem of One-Sided Perception

From school we are taught that there are only two answers – the correct and the incorrect. Thus, students begin to see the world flat, considering everything as white or black. However, here we have a long list in-between! In many problems, in fact, there can be thousands of good decisions. Our mind is versatile. We think of the world as well as we see or hear it, using visual images and sounds. Our flow of thoughts has an abstractive movement. Obviously, intelligence is dynamic. Moreover, creativity – which some define as the process of getting original ideas that have value – often comes from the integration of different ways of our perception of the world.

Brainstorming Is Everything!

Sometimes students do not have time to think. Modern learning process is constructed in such way that the child is overloaded with meaningless work. Years earlier, teachers brought students to the riverbank and gave them the task to think over. Greek children rested during school classes, spent free time arguing about various events, nature phenomena and science. They searched for arguments and counterarguments. In other words, they had fun as free people. They could have a few days arguing, reflecting and eventually expressing their thoughts. Thinking both in silence and aloud can develop our mind.

Reality has changed. We should take a step away from industrial education in hope to find something more beyond simple and basic. Be open for the experience that life prepared for you and never stop your own flow of creativity!

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