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One, Two, Three… Dancing Makes You Feel Free

Do you still believe you will never go dancing? You can’t overwhelm your fear of the audience and you are unsure that somebody will critique your movements. Nonsense! Everything is possible. Today a whole social movement grows in popularity, which is aimed to solve the question of people`s shyness as well as other more serious diseases. This is a dance therapy.


Dance and Society

It is actually a social tendency aimed to help people to overcome phobias based on a psychological background and diseases based on a physical background. Generally we may consider this direction both from the medical and social views. From the medical point of view, it is quite clear and no need to explain, just check some facts. In the twentieth century during the World War II dancing was used as the element by doctors to cure pulmonary tuberculosis among children. They did their best and the results of therapy showed the excellent level. Sooner the investigations determined that people of all ages and various diseases might be involved in dancing therapy to higher the rates of healing process.


Dancing Advantages

So, what possible results you may get from dancing from the social positions?

  • Good mood.

    After doing several movements during the music plays you may feel a blood circulation in the body intensively, your cheeks become pink. It means that you make your organism work. The oxygen in combination with ferrum is transferred throughout the whole body. The cells are enriched with necessary elements and begin working better than usually. A surge of energy fulfills you and makes you cheer up. Therefore you may become a sample element of inspiration for others.

  • Relaxation.

    Dancing helps to relax the tensed body muscles after the hard-working days, the curing therapies, and doldrums’ mood etc.


  • Expressing feelings and emotions.

    It gives a way to express your natural position. Look around and watch! Do all people dance professionally and perform perfectly? There is no need to be distressed because of your movements. Do as you can. Create your own style; let yourself feel free of principles and complexes that cramp your development. Just think a while what a brilliant dancer hides behind the shyness of a wonderful person.

  • Keep fit.

    Dancing improves your appearance and helps you to be in a good shape, to be safe and sound and to continue your way.

  • Be yourself.

    There is no need to show up and attract others` attention at your personality. Everyone will notice your changes from the first training, because the new sparkles will appear in your eyes. Probably the brand new ideas will bear at your mind, who knows. What if there opens a new talent or you notice another skill to work over?

  • Become zealous.

    Discipline in dancing activity prevents thinking negatively. Multiple trainings widen your vision perspectives. You gain what you want and may apply the same principle to usual life.

  • Become open.

    You learn to trust the new things in your life and rely on your capacities. You become sincere with yourself and listen to your desires. Consequently you may develop an intuition and let people contact with you. You pass the way from introspective behavior to extra-version.

    A Dance with a Smile

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