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What Are the Ways to Show that You Care about Someone?

Even though the modern tempo of life requires us to be independent and self-reliant, maintaining good relationships between people is still one of the key factors to leading a happy and productive life. Taking care of people who are close to us is completely natural. We want to see them happy and satisfied, but we don’t always know how to achieve this. Here are some ways to show affection, feel free to choose the most suitable to you.

Listen to them

The desire to share is a basic sign of trust. When someone talks to you, they are sharing the things that are important for them. If you listen carefully and show your appreciation, the person is guaranteed to feel cared about. Don’t be afraid to ask question if you do not understand something, in this way the person will feel like you are genuinely interested in what they have to say.


Keep your promises

If you committed to do something, try as much as you possibly can to not let the person down. It is really important to fulfill even the basic everyday life promises. Wash the dishes if you promised your mom, or complete a task if you claimed to finish it on time. This is the best method to show that you are a reliable person, whose care is shown not only in words, but also through deeds.

Make the person feel important

If you remember the details about their preferences, for example bring them the exact kind of coffee they like to drink to their workplace, or will keep in mind not to add peanuts to the salad if they are allergic, it will be a sign of real care. You can show care even in the smallest things. Bring a congratulations card after their successful exam or invite them to the movies if you feel like they need to relax.

Be careful with judging people they like

Even if you don’t understand why your sister is so into this writer, it is not up to you to decide what they are supposed to like. Don’t shoot poisonous comments to your classmate who adores a teacher you silently despise, and this will help you keep a good relationship with them. It is obvious that you don’t want someone to judge your taste, so don’t ruin the fun for those who are dear to you.


Do not be afraid to use trite ideas

Bring some oranges to a friend in the hospital; prepare some tea with cookies for your mom after a hard day. Send a text message to cheer up your classmate and flowers for your special someone. Even if these ideas are not that creative, it’s enough to manage to make them smile.

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