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Persuasive Essay About Bullying

School Pupils

Bullying is the thing which almost every student meets in his or her life. It is considered to be one of the most terrifying problems in today’s educational system. What is the reason of such kind of violence? First of all, it is a parents’ failure, which didn’t give their kids enough attention and understanding that cruelty should be canceled in their behavior. Here are some statements about this issue, which may be helpful for writing an essay on this theme.

Rude Jokes

Of course, teenagers’ lives are full of funny things, pranks and so on. However, cruel jokes take place as well. They may have gender, racial or age context and make laugh at someone’s disability, illnesses or appearance. It has a bad impact on children’s mental health and leads to feeling uncomfortable and strange in class or friends’ company. The fear of being ridiculed results in worse studying, missing school and gaining complexes. Kids who suffer from it become shy and enclosed.

Social Networks

With developing of modern technologies and Internet availability, there are more and more cases of virtual pranks. Sometimes teenagers create fake pages for fun and try to delude their fellows. It sounds cheerful; nevertheless, one can get a serious mental trauma because of such jokes. Very often, young one suffers as his or her shameful photos are spread on the Internet by groupmates. The only solving for such events is strict parents’ control and attention to what kind of websites their child uses.

Kid Surfing Internet

How to Deal

The question which arises is how to deal with bullying. Still, there is no certain way to cancel such violence cases, as in modern world children are becoming more and more cruel, especially with their weaker fellows. Special conversations at school and home have to be held with aggressive students. Sometimes they have physiological trauma, and this is the reason of such brutal behavior. In that event, specialist services are needed. On the other hand, trying to abuse somebody at school may be the upshot of home conflicts, for example, parents beating kids or an unpredictable divorce.

Ways to Help

Anyway, victims of bullying need support at home and school as well. As sometimes brutal pranks may even lead to suicide of young one. That is why parents have to be attentive if their child suddenly becomes withdrawn and offish; it means there is a reason which troubles him or her. In such cases, it is vital to build a close and honest relationship in the family and try to solve the issue together. If there is a necessity professional psychologist can have a talk with a young one as well.

All in all, nowadays bullying becomes a major problem in education as it affects kids’ lives, their studying, and mental condition. The point is children are too brutal and uncontrollable, different things as video games, movies, and famous people have a great impact on them, and sometimes they try to follow several illusory statements in real life. That leads to aggressive behavior and ignoring all moral rules at all. To avoid it, parents and teachers should teach teenagers that such qualities as kindness and humanity are vital for one’s being.

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