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Starting to Treat Your Education Responsibly: Guide for Students

Although we spent a big part of our life just studying, we do not always realize its meaning. What is more, usually we are not aware of the fact that we are luckier than millions of people around the globe that do not have either access or opportunity to get a proper education. Therefore, we are obliged to value the chance of getting knowledge and gaining useful skills and start treating the education process more responsibly. Here are some points for you to consider.

  1. This is you, who needs to complete the task, not your professors.

    Most students consider completing home tasks or passing exams as a favor that they do for their professors. On one hand, writing, researching, reading and learning are not always the most pleasant processes and you may find much more funny things to do. However, you are given all those tasks as a chance to improve yourself now as in future you may not have any time to learn but the action will be needed. Imagine that you are a doctor and you have to make an urgent life-important decision. All the information to base it on has to be in your head as you might not have a spare moment to read a book or ask for someone’s advice.

  2. Making meaningful notes.

    Notes, writing

    Lectures, usually, are not the favorite classes of students. You might feel bored and even feel more like sleeping than doing anything else. However, you need to realize the true value of lectures. Typically, good professors prepare the material, which cannot be found anywhere else and present it to students. In some cases, you would need to read 15 chapters in different books to know a content of just one lecture. The lecture information is squeezed, as you are given the most significant points extracted from the overall informational space. This is why you should be attentive and take notes that will be readable in future. What is more, the lecture is a chance to ask an expert a question, which you would not be able to do just reading the same materials in books or in the internet.

  3. Your knowledge can help others.

    Helping people

    When you start complaining about uselessness of your major or courses that you take, you have to look on the issue from a different point. Try to think how you are able to apply all those theories and skills, which you are taught. Be sure that you will be able to find a number of volunteer programs where your skills will be necessary. This is your chance to master your knowledge and help others. Also, you can often get paid for the job you do even if you are still a student. A lot of companies are glad to hire interns and teach them for their own benefits. As for you, it is an opportunity to get some money and new experience, which will definitely help you in a search of a future job. In case you do not know how to apply your knowledge anywhere, be sure to ask your professor for the advice: often students can start their careers in campuses.

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