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How to Succeed in Life without a University Degree?

Since our childhood, we have heard from our nearest and dearest about the importance of high education for a happy life and a successful career as its essential constituent. The majority still think that if they have a prestigious diploma at Harvard University, their life will be a bed of roses. Does a university degree guarantee easy circumstances? In case you have no financial opportunity to graduate from a reputable high institution, will it mean you are a failure? How should they succeed in life then? Let’s try to answer those tricky questions further.

You have definitely heard about Mark Zuckerberg, Coco Chanel, and Steve Jobs (if not, go to and enjoy info about that). All those people have one significant feature in common. This feature is not about millions in the bank account and world fame. The point is none of them has a university degree. At this very moment, you would probably comment, “Well, it is more an exception than the rule!” However, it is a mistake to think so. Breathtaking career happens to many people very often but with a slight remark — the way to success is super hard!

So, even if the road to success without a university degree is not so simple, it is a way followed by those successful people. It is time to ask an important question “Why can’t I? For sure, I am not worse than Steve Jobs!” All you need is a plan for how to start your tremendous career path without a diploma. A set of recommendations is depicted in the next paragraphs.

Nowadays, we witness the tendency when the job market is improving quite slowly. As a result, a solid percentage of university graduates find themselves in high competition to find job positions they are qualified for. Research experts in the job market sphere report that around sixty-three (!) percent of 2018 university graduates are obtaining positions with no high education required. This is a serious reason to reflect on that, agree? Here are several options to achieve career goals ignoring lectures and course papers.

Gain Knowledge and Skills via Research

Google teaches people. It is a fact. In the era of digital technologies, they may virtually learn new things and acquire the knowledge you desire from conducting Google search. As an option, they may find time for reading.

There exists a huge variety of methods they may learn something new without entering a university. A good idea is subscribing to industry magazines, books, and blogs. Get involved in professional online forums. Such educational resources as Open Yale Courses and Harvard Online Courses provide free classes from websites. Become a life-long learner and success will not be long in coming.

Note that books and blogs don’t promise a successful career, but they formulate a right path to that one.

Get Experience and Create Personal Portfolio


Career without a University Degree


Keep in mind that your knowledge is worth nothing if you are not going to practice it in your career. Practicing and training are good investments. Where to get experience? Think out of the box and show as much creativity as you can! But never limit yourself to performing volunteering and odd jobs only. The key thing is you should find a use for the skills in the sphere to bring you to the next level of your future great career.

If you have a detailed scheme for a startup, register on Kickstarter. This is a professional platform that allows receiving funding for your innovational solution or other endeavors. If you are an expert in some field, express your opinion on forums. In this way, you will gain the reputation of a good specialist in some area and network with people who may add to your future career. Whatever you decide to do, make sure such experience contributes to your future portfolio. You may even start a personal business that will help to get experience and form a client list.

The nice thing is to brand yourself through social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This niche suggests an innovational approach for a great career. For instance, vloggers on YouTube earn a stable income. For most of them, this became a career. The same thing may be applied to travelers with Instagram accounts. Those things don’t require a university degree but enormous creativity and hard work.

Improve Must-Have Skills to Become an Ideal Employee


Soft skills for perfect career


You should be aware of the skills that reputable employers desire potential candidates to have. Those skills are known as soft skills. According to Glassdoor source, the most required soft skills are considered dependability, a strong work ethic, the ability to work under pressure, and optimism.

Your task is to train those skills through experience. Don’t forget to provide evidence that you possess such skills. For example, if you state that you can work under pressure, mention a few situations when you showed that. Amazing soft skills are indeed valued higher than a diploma.

Find Mentors or a Role Model

Networking is everything. One of the secrets to building a career is to attract mentors that will support you in all your endeavors. Make acquaintance with professionals who obtain the position of your dream, learn their secrets, and follow their advice. Think over the role mentors should play for your future career. Do you need a mentor who once was in your shoes? Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Be sincere because people extremely admire such a rare feature nowadays.

Great mentors may be found everywhere. Visit free workshops organized by industry companies and communicate via Twitter. You may even start a conversation in a coffee shop near a business center! Apply non-standard approaches here.

Always Stay Optimistic and Goal-Oriented

On your way, you may face some individuals who will say that it is impossible to start a career without a university degree. Those people are demotivating. Don’t follow that! It is up to you to decide whether you will succeed or fail. Prove them wrong with experience and achievements you already have. As a rule, it helps.

However, you should understand that everyone goes through a rough patch sooner or later. In order to overcome that, cherish an optimistic approach to life and mind your final goal. Be passionate enough to keep moving forward.

Create a list of personal achievements. This serves a good motivation! Design a detailed plan and hang it somewhere in your room. This will be a reminder of why you have chosen this very way to succeed in life.

You see, even though you didn’t enter a university, there exist still a wide range of opportunities to build a breathtaking career. Ok, creating a gorgeous career without a university diploma is challenging, but it is never impossible!

If you fail, you should always remember that you may do everything to enter a university and follow a traditional career path. However, if you stay focused on a target goal, you will get the required skills, experience, and networks. It is a direct route to your dream.

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