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How Can Students Boost Their Intuitive Powers?

Your heart is the most powerful part of your body. It has tremendous intelligence and knows more than you can imagine. Yes, you heard us right, heart, not the brain.

The heart is about 60 times greater electrically and 5000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. It also includes a system of 40,000 neurons which some researches call “the heart brain”. The more you listen to it, the greater your sense of intuition will become. Of course, it is not about ignoring your brain altogether but creating a balance and making your heart the dominant force in your everyday life.

Cultivating a strong sense of intuition will be one of the greatest practices you can master in life, which comes to quieting the mind and listening to your heart space. So, why do not you start practicing right now? Professional writers from knows how to strengthen your intuition. But, firstly, let’s find out what is really it?

What Is Intuition?




To put it simply, our intuition, gut-feeling or inner-knowing (call it whatever you want) is a specific form of intelligence which is beyond the rational mind. But most of the survey state that intuition is the adaptive unconscious function of experience and expertise. So, does it mean that when you develop your expertise, you develop intuition as well?

Everyday thinking has been a central research theme in artificial intelligence as well as cognitive psychology. Most everyday problems are solved by recognition because they are issues that we had the day before today, they are problems that we have had many experiences with.

Any Grandmaster chess player has over the years stored in memory at least 50,000 chunks of information, which take the form of familiar queues that chess master can recognize on the board. So, most of what we call intuition is an ability we have in everyday life, the ability to respond to situations and just act, not even knowing why. It is the same thing that enables us to recognize a friend walking down the street. Intuition is based on an enormous accumulation of experience, which in the case of real-world practices, involves these 50,000 or more patterns and a decade or more to acquire them.

The other question is do you have an intuition or is that just for psychics? Every human being has intuition. Sometimes we experience it as a faint feeling, daydream or flash of imagery. All we have to do is to let our inner feeling guide us. So, how can you harness your intuition?

3 Ways to Boost Your Intuition


How to develop your intuition


Believe it or not, an intuition just takes practice, and the guidance will become clearer and clearer for you over time. Here are some effective tips on how to develop your sixth sense.

1. Pay Attention

To your past, to your present life, to your dreams, and visceral reactions. Remember all the situations when you did not listen to your intuition, but should have to. In such a simple way, you can get in touch with those signals you may have missed.

Pay attention to your present life as well. There so many things which get out of control because you are not paying attention to what life tells us, you are just sleepwalking through life. And that is the main mistake. For example, your visceral reactions are how your intuition can speak and how life can whisper to you. And it is really loud. We are talking about the physical things that you feel in your body. When you are deciding or doubting, do you feel an immediate sense of dread? Do you feel tired or reluctant? Are you getting tight in your chest? What are the physical sensations: goosebumps, discomfort in your gut or a sour taste in your mouth?

Start paying attention to how your inner voice or intuition communicates with you. It can be a mental picture you can’t get out of your head, repetitive thoughts or ideas, dreams or a strong inner knowing.

2. Meditate

It is one of the most useful ways of clearing your mind from overthinking and extraneous thoughts. Even 10-minutes meditation can help you hear what “the voice of your heart” says. It will help you to deepen your feelings, needs, and desires.

If you are new to meditation, do not make a big spiritual ritual out of it. Just try to quiet your mind to start with. For about 5 or 10 minutes, sit silently, slow down, and listen to your breath in the room with nothing on in the background. Firstly, it may be hard to ignore all the sounds. However, as you keep practicing it, you can do it longer.

Right after the meditation, try this experiment. Write down a question on a piece of paper. The one, you would really like to know an answer to. Spend one minute, quieting the mind, then without thinking, write down the answer. Do not think, just write. See what comes up and keep focusing on how your heart feels when writing. With enough practice, you will be amazed by the answers that pop up. Some would say this is direct communication with the god force energy that lives within us.

3. Create Intuitive Games

Develop your intuitive abilities by creating and playing guessing games. While watching football, try to guess the score or at least the team who will win. When you are playing cards or Mafia, close your eyes and see the picture in your head. Have fun with your intuition. The more you use it, the stronger it will become.


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