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I Want to Write, I Want to Be Creative

Genius Writer

Many people have a talent for writing. Someone can write better, someone worse. You can write novels, essays, short stories on various topics or be a pro in poetry. In order to be a writer, the person needs not only talent, but also a long, meticulously work.

What Does It Mean to Be a Writer?

People who write the pieces of literature are creative people. They love to dream and to create not only something new, but also to share their personal experience. The famous Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud wrote that dreams reflect human person's secret desires. Almost the same thing touches the writers. They can write about their past or desirable future, to add into their works the elements of their own or a collective consciousness. The writers exist for a very long time, and with the course of time, the concepts of literature, the style of writing and the themes of the works have changed. However, being a writer is interesting in any case. Primarily, a writer writes for himself, but he wants to share his thoughts with others.

About Poetry

Writing poems is not easy. If you want to do this, you really need to have the talent and the patience to face the matter out. First of all, you need to write small poems, and then the great poems. To write poetry, you do not need to be a poet, but to try to become one. The poet perfects himself all the time of his career. Typically, the poet needs inspiration. It may be the personal feelings, the nature, the events or the specify person. Writing poetry is emotional and psychological difficulty, so try to take out of the experience of the past, something that can truly touch your readers. While writing, the poet thinks about the mood, the smell, the location and the feelings. If you have just started writing poetry, do not show your poems to people who are so critical. Find readers who will support you and give a constructive piece of advice.

About Prose

Fantasy Heroes

The writer must have a humanitarian mindset and a developed imagination. It is impossible to write a novel without a vivid imagination. The author must know the rules of grammar, to avoid the syntax errors and most importantly, to be able to use the synonyms, the associations. You can choose for yourself any genre: a romance novel, a crime story, a historical novel, a fantasy novel, etc. The writer needs to know everything about the certain genre, in order to write a convincing product, especially if he wants to include in the work the real facts. The writer's work must excite and delight the readers.

About the Blogs

With the development of the Internet, almost everyone considers himself as a writer. People write blogs, live journals, chat on forums and dream that someone likes their creature. To be recognized – it is a natural human desire. The blog is more accessible and easy field of activity for the young writer, where it is possible to write even the most everyday topics.

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