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Popularity: It Is Good or, Maybe, Not

Crowd of Fans

It’s an open secret that popularity is determined by certain behavior, character features and sometimes a huge number of efforts as well. However, being surrounded by people all the time is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. What is good about finding yourself in the center of attention and what is the dark side of this moon? Let us find it out!

We will start from listing pros and cons of being popular, continue with analyzing the qualities you need to possess to be admired by others, and finish with discovering the reasons why you personally may want to become popular among the people who surround you most of the time. Besides, you will come across one little surprise: world-famous celebrities’ revelations! Here we go!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Popular: Shallow Review

At first, we are going to discuss some general ideas on what it means to be popular and what kind of person you must be if you want this adjective to be used when other guys are talking or thinking about you. At the same time, we are going to determine the negative effects of popularity on your life and on your personality as well. Only you are to decide what you want more.



So, you can see that there is no light without a shadow. If popular people sometimes make you feel envy, remind yourself that living such a life is a great responsibility. Of course, everyone lives the life of his or her choice, and it depends only on you whether you are ready to change yours or not.

Who You Are When You Are Popular

Above we have just decided upon the main positive characteristics a popular personality inevitably features. No doubt, they can be easily considered as great benefits of being popular and recognized. So, now let us think of what you may need in order to become

Hope, you find yourself really motivated by these three points, otherwise you should skip this part at once and move to the paragraph which will tell you what famous people think about their popularity. Still, if you have decided to take this challenge and go the whole hog, here are probably the most essential things you should pay great attention to in order to fully enjoy all advantages of being popular.

Your Look

 Girl in Front of Mirror

On the Net you can come across a few articles and forums discussing whether a person’s appearance influences his/her popularity or not. Paradoxically, there are a lot of opinions in favor of the fact that the way you look does not matter much if you want to be popular or when you are already admired by folks. At the same time, it cannot be denied that when we are asked to think about someone famous and popular, most of us tend to imagine quite attractive actors and actresses. There is nothing wrong about it actually. Probably, it is just a human nature to associate beauty with fame.

The conclusion is that you should either have literally extraordinary appearance or you should constantly care about the way look. At least you should wear clean and ironed clothes.

Your Knowledge & Skills

This is what you can actually become popular for. Each of us has a unique talent, but not all of us know how to reveal and use it. Consequently, those who realize what they can (and especially if they realize that they can do something better than others) usually become much more successful than the guys who either do not have opportunities to develop themselves or are just too lazy to do it (though usually these two factors are interconnected). So, definitely, people will like you not only for the way you look but also for what you can do. And mostly they will like you for the latter.

Your Speech

The words you use, your voice, intonations as well as your general communicative skills all take part in providing you with your popularity. It does not mean that you have to be smiling all the time and say good things even to those who you wish you never knew. Still, your manner of speaking must be polite and intelligent. You must know when you can apply humor, when you can drop a few swearwords (but do not overuse them under any circumstances!) and when you must sound smart and solemn.

Your Behavior

Probably, the most important thing to remember is that what you do should not go counter to what you say, and vise versa. At the same time, neither your words nor actions can ever offense anybody if you do care about being popular among people with different tastes, worldviews and lifestyles. Note that you can never be offensive but it does not mean running with hares and hunting with hounds. You should know how to control your emotions, whatever they are, and which of them to apply in different situations.

Your Achievements & Plans

Of course, you must know what you want in your near and far future. Yes, you must be at least a little bit ambitious or pretend you are. When you are popular, you are automatically considered a certain model for others despite the fact that they do realize they will never become as good at something as you are. And here is the key for people’s admiration: you should let them understand that if you have achieved something that you are actually destined for, others also can do it.

Is Popularity a Good Thing: Celebrities Will Tell You

Could you imagine that these people would ever talk about the disadvantages of being popular? Frankly speaking, I was shocked either. The citations are taken from Blog.

What You Need Is to Understand Why You Want Popularity

So, remember that you always need to have reasons for all your wishes and aims if you really want to bring them all to life. So, let us make out what can and does make you want to be popular:

There may also be lots of other reasons. And it is good if you have them. However, sit down and think for a while if it is really something that can make you who you really want to be. You see, most people do become popular when they go their own way without wishing to be liked by crowds. And this is why they succeed.

  • You are sure of yourself

    Self-confidence is the basic ingredient of the Popularity dish. No matter how smart, kind or talented the person is, it won’t be appreciated as long as it remains a secret for others. If you are sure of yourself, you are not afraid to show your strengths and do not let critics break you.

  • You know how to get along with different types of people

    Becoming popular requires certain kind of flexibility when it comes to communication. If you are popular, it probably means that you are not afraid to start a conversation; you manage to keep it easy and never cross the line.

  • You possess good organization skills

    You can be a good leader and valuable part of a team. You have a sharp brain and can come up with a compromise, which makes you the perfect candidate for planning an activity. You are also good at managing your time, as you are always busy with a million of things and still find some time to sleep.

    • You have to protect your personal life

      The more people know you, the more eyes might be watching you at any moment. Personal life has always been the focus of high interest, and somehow people might think that seeking for details about you will help them to resolve problems in their own.

    • You are always busy

      Some of your friends have already forgotten when you went out together, but you are happy they still remember your face. Your mom noticed you dying your hair red a week after you went to the hairdresser’s, because she simply couldn’t catch a glimpse of you at home.

    • You are supposed to be in high spirits 24/7

      First of all, being popular is about people liking you. You cannot be rude to people, especially when it’s not their fault you are unhappy. You will have to smile politely at least twice as much as you did before, and, of course, you will have a lot of small talks to live though.

    • You will be under risk of bad changes in yourself

      There is a thin line between self-confidence and assurance, between the real you and the mask of the fake you that you wear sometimes in order to pursue some of your goals.

    1. confident of yourself as well as of your knowledge, skills and success in general;
    2. a flexible and charismatic person;
    3. a leader who can cope with various situations and always come out the victor.
    • Johnny Depp compares the life of a celebrity with that of a fugitive. The actor claims it takes certain strategies to live your days and you should “pay the piper” for what you have.
    • Zach Galifianakis, a famous comedian, admits that what he wants to do is his work as an actor, but he cannot accept that so much of other people should be paid to it. He states that we have invented “celebrity” by ourselves. But why do we need it?
    • Kristen Stewart simply considers fame the worst thing in the world. What else can you add?
    • you want to know that everybody loves you; then be the one people could respect but not be afraid of or envy;
    • you are afraid of staying all alone in your life; consequently, it is better when you have friends but not admirers, so think about it too;
    • you probably believe you can make big money if being popular; but you can be just admired for who you are even if you do not have billions of dollars, and it is always nicer to earn money with what you really like to do and not with such an abstract and changeable thing like popularity.

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